Two Young Women Are (Still) Suing Their Public School District for Making Students Attend a Christian Assembly

A lot of you sent me a link to this report of a high school student, Magdalene Bedi, who is suing the Rankin County School District in Mississippi because they told students to attend an assembly that turned out to be all about Jesus.

WAPT News in Jackson even claims to have “exclusive video” of the assembly.

While I’m very interested in the case, this isn’t news.

Everything that’s being reported happened back in April and May. The “exclusive video” was publicly available on YouTube in April, and the American Humanist Association posted a copy of the lawsuit online in May:

Seriously, old news. Amazing news, mind you — Magdalene and her friend are heroes for bringing this story to the public — but there are no new developments.

When something happens, I’ll be sure to post updates.

In the meantime, let’s all take a moment to congratulate WAPT for their big, breaking, exclusive story.

They’re only about six months behind the rest of us.

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  • ShoeUnited

    This just in…
    Scientists may believe that light doesn’t move through aether.

    • aoscott


    • katiehippie

      Well of course not. The aether bunny doesn’t allow that.

  • bananafaced

    Oddly enough, this ‘old’ news is just now appearing on our newscasts in MS. Brief interviews with one of the girls and with Bear Atwood, attorney for the ACLU in Jackson, MS. The interviews are so brief that the full story (teachers blocking exits, coercion, etc.) is hardly mentioned by the interviewer or even allowed to be recounted by the attorney or by the girls. It appears the Principal of NW Rankin High is trying to walk the whole thing back now and just wants to be in compliance with the law so the whole thing can blow over and he can get out of the limelight. Most people are ignoring the whole thing, probably thinking it WILL blow over and they can get back to ‘pushing’ religious ideology on our vulnerable young people who are too scared to fight back for fear of familial and social repercussions.

  • Jason Hinchliffe

    Phlogiston theory disproved!!! Story at 11.

  • Colin Harwood

    Old news maybe, but still worth another look lest it sinks out of sight.

  • Yobenny

    Having grown up in that state enjoying it’s bastion of intellectual veneration qualities that were gracefully intertwined with resolute devotion to christianity based brainwashing, I would wager my last bitcoin that this will disappear like a bean fart in a hurricane if outsiders don’t keep relentless pressure on them.
    Keeping up with how those two girls are treated by their peers will be a story in and of itself.

  • Rain

    Some day TV and newspapers will catch up with the internet. Right now they’re all run by Danny DeVito from L.A. Confidential and various other film noir characters apparently. They were hip back in the day but times do change.