Send Us Your Heathen Holiday Cards!

As you may recall, last holiday season, Friendly Atheist featured a series called Heathen Holiday Cards, and the response was outstanding!

We featured the secular holiday cards from viewers like you, whether they were funny, subversive, or sweet.

Like this one:

When we posted them, the one response we got from a few people was a request that we post them earlier in the year, in case any of you wanted to purchase them for your own (unsuspecting) family and friends.

So if you have an awesome card you want to share with the billions* of readers of this blog, please send them to me (Jessica!) at

Please include the following in your email:

  • Whether you are selling your cards or just sharing (both are encouraged!)
  • If you are selling, where can we buy it?
  • If we post your card, what should we refer to you as? First and last name? First only? Cool nickname? Twitter handle?

I sincerely look forward to seeing all of your cards!

*rough estimate

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