Finally: Scientific Proof of God’s Existence

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt (a.k.a. “Dr. Chaps”) — a right-winger and Bryan Fischer-wannabe — says he has scientific proof of God’s existence!

And mathematical proof, too, as seen below:

But back to the science (at the 24:44 mark):

I can prove God! Even to the most skeptic of atheists. And this is a scientific method. If you follow these three steps, God will reveal himself to you, experientially, and you will see God with your own eyes. Oh, I thought God was invisible! Yes, but here’s what you gotta do. Follow these three steps! It’s really easy.

Step number one in my personal, experiential proof of God is: Admit that you’re a sinner and that God does not rule your heart and mind. That should easy for you atheists, right? You already know that God does not rule your heart and mind. Just admit that out loud.

Step number two: Renounce your sins and ask God to forgive your sins through Jesus Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice…

Number three is the final, most important step and that is: Invite God to rule your heart and mind. Ask the risen Jesus Christ to rule inside of your heart!

Yes, a proof so airtight, all of you reading this are now shutting off your computers so you can run to church. I don’t know how the proof eluded me for so long!

But really, were you expecting better science — or any science — from someone who seriously believes he can convert atheists by just reminding them about the Jesus Myth?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link!)

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  • SansDeus

    He posts the formula for time dilation according to the theory of relativity and thinks that equals god?
    Thanks wikipedia!:
    If you do a quick find on the page there are 0 instances of god.

    • Guest


    • martinrco

      But he wrote the word “God” outside of the formula, which proves that “God” exists outside of time, therefore proving “God”. Come on keep up!!

      • MetalHeadCrab

        Good catch and thank God, otherwise I would still be a dirty atheist.

    • JT Rager

      I was wondering what the Lorentz transformation was doing. But then I remembered that relativity, along with Big Bang Cosmology and quantum mechanics are sufficiently confusing to the layman that it’s perfect ammunition for flawed apologetics!

      • Richard Wade

        Are there any apologetics that are not flawed?

    • Taz

      I’m sure he told his staff “get me something mathy”. It’s pretty funny that they not only didn’t come up with an example of Godel’s work, they couldn’t even come up with something from the math field. I just wonder if any of his followers will think this is a “sacred equation” – perhaps erect an altar to it.

    • Gus

      OK, I’m not about to waste my time on this video, but if his “scientific proof” is basically to create a religious experience for yourself using his three steps and imagine it’s not just your brain being a brain, then does he at some point actually reference those equations on the board, or is that just a backdrop to look sciencey?

  • rtanen

    You know, I used to not believe in a religion because, despite the obvious presence of religious groups, I didn’t know other people believed in a god! Now that someone has reminded me of this easy-to-forget fact, I am happy to say I have converted to [insert proselytizing religion here].

  • Guest

    Dr. Chaps is also his online name at

    • Itarion

      “GOD (Divine Creator) is thrilled to finally be working at New World Stages.” Nope. That’s it. We’re done here. I’ve seen enough.

  • Itarion

    “Don’t you want to feel the presence of God inside of you?” Can’t you just hear the sexual repression?

    • Mitch

      I like to think of indigestion as the presence of God inside me. “This, too, shall pass.”

      • Randay

        I just had a good relieving shit. I think I saw God in one of the stools.

        • Gus

          Fiber: The cure for religion?

        • Len

          That’s not bad. Jesus usually just does toast.

    • Gus

      The true experience of the divine is feeling His Stark Fist.

    • No.

      Itarion, Mitch, Randay and Gus, you all are hilarious. I LOLed.

  • Q. Quine

    I get this kind of talk often. People tell me they have “personal evidence.” If a string of events have happened to them that they just can’t put to coincidence (and this is statistically going to happen to some people), you are not going to be able to present any evidence to dissuade them.

  • m6wg4bxw

    I realize this is merely anecdotal evidence, but at least it’s on even terms with the good doctor’s three-step proof.

    Years ago, when I thought I was a Christian, I did what he described. In fact, I did it on a regular basis over the course of several years, sometimes marked by tearful desperation. I was faithful and hopeful, trying to be a good Christian. But, eventually, I became fatigued from the effort, and my faith faded away.

    It was precisely the absence of results from my Christian practice which led to my atheism. So, thanks, doc. You’re probably making more atheists.

    • MN Atheist

      I did that when I was 9 years old and an alter boy in the catholic church…and no they didn’t touch me. :)

      I made up my mind then and haven’t looked back.

  • martinrc

    I can prove Odin! Even to the most skeptic of atheists. And this is a scientific method. If you follow these three steps, Odin will reveal himself to you, experientially, and you will see Odin with your own eyes. Oh, I thought Odin was invisible! Yes, but here’s what you gotta do. Follow these three steps! It’s really easy.

    Step number one in my personal, experiential proof of Odin is: Admit that you’re not a warrior and that Odin’s strength does not rule your heart and mind. That should easy for you atheists, right? You already know that battle worthy of the All-father Odin does not rule your heart and mind. Just admit that out loud.

    Step number two: Renounce your fears and ask Odin to provide you strength through battles to vanquish your foes…

    Number three is the final, most important step and that is: Invite Odin to rule your heart and mind. Ask the Odin grant you your rightful place in Valhalla for facing your opponents and vanquishing as a mighty warrior.

    Science is fun :D

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor

      Just last night I was saying if there was an afterlife I wanted to go to Valhalla so this might be a sign that Valhalla is real and I can get there. I shall invite Odin into my heart and mind right now. Thank you for showing me the way.

    • Matt Eggler

      When you invite Odin into your heart, can you leave him a voicemail or a text or does he require a formal, engraved invitation card?

      • Astreja

        Dad’s pretty tech savvy, so text is fine. (A bottle of homemade champagne mead works fine, too.)

    • Feminerd

      I play a berserker in Yggdrasil, a tabletop RPG. They are the favored of Odin. Does that count?

    • averydashwood

      I invited Odin into my heart and the Vikings won tonight! Try and explain that atheists.

      • Ann Onymous

        Invited Odin, Vikings won. You can’t explain that.

        • RickyWW

          Never a miscommunication.

      • Holytape

        Well after repeated experiments in a multitude of field environments, I have compiled a multitude of data. Apparently, there is a strong correlation between the Washington Redskins and football ineptitude. So while you see the divine hand of the one-eyed wanderer, the naturalistic explanation is that the Redskins suck. They have sucked in the past, and my testable hypothesis is that they will suck in the future.

        • Ted Thompson

          I loled.

        • No.

          For some reason, instead of reading ”testable hypothesis” I read ”testicle hypothesis”. I know, I know, I’m just being random here. Don’t mind me.

      • blarga blah

        Purple Jesus.

    • Raising_Rlyeh

      Clearly you are not aware of the evidence for the supremacy of Thor. I mean when is the last time that millions of people waited in line to see a movie about Odin? Clearly Thor is more important to accept than Odin.

      • Gary J Parker


      • Randy Owens

        On the other hand, Odin’s Day is hump day.
        Advantage: Odin!

        • JohnnieCanuck

          And when Odinsday is over, who succeeds Him?

          Also Thorsday is one day closer to Frīgedæg which automatically makes Thor better. Thus we have TGIF, referencing Thor who hands over the day to Her.

          Or something like that.

    • MariaO

      That would be more convincing if you replace Odin by Tyr, the Norse god of war (and skiing) who we revere each Tuesday.
      Odin is more about magic and knowledge.

    • Houndentenor

      You are right. I saw Odin. In 3-D!!!

    • doug105

      Now now STARGATE showed us our true parasitic/symbiotic Masters how dare you worship false gods. Why just look at how long their holy shows ran and compare that to those little Thor movies.

      Clearly the Asgardians are interlopers trying to keep our Holy Lords from crawling up inside of us and taking over our hearts and minds!

    • Stev84

      I have a far simpler proof:

      Odin defeated the frost giants. There are no frost giants now. Therefor Odin is real.

    • Len

      Wow, I’m amazed. That actually worked.

  • Jeff See

    I know they’ve little other recourse, but the idea, that providing verses from the various mythologies as resources, in order to influence an atheist, is ridiculous. Not only for simply being what it is, but for the consistency in its application.

    And nice job, trying to sneak in salvation numbers. Does God give out t-shirts when your ‘just repeat after me’ technique auto-washes enough remnants to the desired shade of white? Do you not realize that even when someone follows your mantra, that God still isn’t going to show up? That all of their revelation is internal?

    You get God or Jesus to show up and give me a high five, and you have something.

  • Keane

    I watched a lot of that. I was kind of hoping for a new, compelling kind of argument. I am disappoint.

  • C Peterson

    This is why I like peer review. It means I don’t have to waste my time on stuff like this.

    • David McNerney

      Peer review is overkill in this case.

  • ZenDruid

    It’s a lot easier to prove that the monster under the bed is the larval form of a personal god, especially when guilt and fear are involved.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    These guys also had a 3 step plan.

  • Mitch

    23:30 Yeah, I’m smiling at the news, too. Laughing, even, at the absurd claim that someone’s deity is so small that he/she/it can be proven so simply.

  • GeraardSpergen

    I sometimes like watching TV preachers for the bizarre things that they say (Arnold Murray is my fave). But this guy is just boring as hell.

  • Rain

    You already know that God does not rule your heart and mind. Just admit that out loud.

    Okay I admit it. Now what. Lol. Just kidding, I can’t possibly “know” anything like that. Unlike some hucksters lol.

  • James Stevenson

    Nothing. Have I disproved God?
    Or did my initial rather embarrassing mispronounciation of ‘substitutionary’ offend him as I didn’t start over from step one?

    • Itarion

      Nah, God just hates you. You and you specifically. You’ll have to pray a lot more before he shows his face to you.

  • Beaudge

    This guy is a quack job.. do people really believe in this crap?

    • Itarion

      sadly, yes

    • jdm8

      It’s not that far off the fuzzy thinking Deepak Chopra gives out every time he says anything.

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I have a feeling that the step 3 (invite God to rule your heart and mind) is properly understood as “start believing in God.”

    So in other words:
    1. Do something

    2. Do something else
    3. Start believing in God!

    You now believe in God!


    • Pepe

      Damn, that was easy! Which church should I be attending now?

      • Itarion

        ALL OF THEM.

        • Pepe

          OF COURSE! All of them HAS to be true (somehow)

      • Nick Ellis

        Pick one. Any one. Everyone who made the same choice will tell you you picked the only true religion. Congratulations!

        Unfortunately everyone who picked a different religion will tell you you made the wrong choice, and given the sheer number of different religions and factions within each, there are almost certainly more people in these groups than in the one you chose. Congratulations you’re now part of an oppressed minority!

        Life just doesn’t get any better than this!

    • Fractal Heretic

      You’re right that the first two steps are irrelevant. But I think the 3rd step is to submit, not believe. Because mere belief in God would only get you as far as deism. To be a full-blown Christian, you need to start by shutting off your brain and just trust. From that state of mind, belief naturally follows.

    • Andy Anderson

      Pardon the bad pun, but just for the Hell of it I gave it a try.

      What do you know? Silence. Not a single word in response.
      The only way this would work is if for the rest of the day I attempted to shoehorn mundane events into “signs” from YHWH/Jesus/Holy Ghost

    • Gus

      Heck, you could argue that every step is “start believing in God”.
      Step one: admit you’re a sinner and God doesn’t rule your heart. Without God, there is no sin. Admitting in this sense that God doesn’t rule your heart implies that there is a God who could be ruling your heart. He thinks this one’s easy for atheists, demonstrating that he has no understanding of atheism. So step 1 is: believe in sin, which requires belief in God.
      Step Two: Renounce your sins and ask God to forgive them: obviously requires belief in God. I mean, unless he thinks you can just say the words without actually believing them and that works.
      Step Three: Basically the same as step two, except now you’re inviting God to rule, still requires belief, unless merely saying the words without feeling or belief counts.

      So the process to prove God is:
      Step 1: Believe in God.
      Step 2: Believe in God.
      Step 3: Believe in God

      You now believe in God!


  • observer

    “‘Oh, I thought God was invisible!’ Yes, but here’s what you gotta do.”

    Wait, did he basically say, “Yes, God is indeed invisible. Now STFU and follow my instructions.”?

  • ShoeUnited

    I did those steps once, all I got was possession by a lesser demon for a week.

    • busterggi

      You need better dice.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      A Succubus or Incubus would be… interesting.

  • Jan Kafka

    If Dr Chaps isn’t ‘scientific’ enough for you, check out this fellow’s work:

    “I want to make sure that I do not misrepresent myself in any way here or
    elsewhere. I am a seeker of the truth, a scientist and a Muslim but not
    exclusively. I recognize that there is One GOD, Muhammad was a prophet
    of GOD and the Qur’an is the Word of GOD. I’ll be glad to answer any

  • jdm8

    Huh? That’s just a call to salvation. So the proof YHWH exists, is to just believe in YHWH, go through the motions of “getting saved” and that proves YHWH’s existence. Again, huh?

    That’s the most absurd repackaging and circular logic I’ve seen in a while.

  • allein

    I have no problem admitting that God does not rule my heart and mind. And for that, I thank Him.

  • MN Atheist

    Ah crap…I tried the experiential proof method and it worked…now I have to change my moniker. Damn you Dr. Chaps!!!

  • Gehennah

    Hmm, just did that with Thor, and guess what, Thor is real, I swear guys. He came to me and everything.

    And he left me with his words of advice to prove that he is real while the Abrahamic god isn’t. Thor said that he destroyed all of the Frost Giants, while the Abrahamic god said he would destroy all evil. Thor showed me that evil still exists in this world, and yet, I have never seen an Ice Giant.

    All praise Thor, the savior from the tyranny of the Ice Giants.

  • MN Atheist

    OK now that I got that out there. How the heck to you even begin to comprehend what this guy is saying? Al Franken wants schools to promote homosexuality. Massachusetts is basically a lost cause. Men are going to assault our daughters in the women’s room if we pass a bill to protect gays from discrimination in the workplace. God can be proven mathematically and experientialy (is that even a word?) Teachers unions WANT our kids to be molested by gay teachers. Gay students are up 50% (so basically from 10 to 15 right?). What else? Oh yeah. There is a “Gay Manifesto” that says gay men are going to turn us all, starting in our schools. And this one teacher is his proof!

    Isn’t it funny how guys like this just make us more firm in our atheism?

    • allein

      Well, I can answer one of your questions: Yes, “experientially” is a word.

      As for the rest… ?

    • katiehippie

      Yeah for sure there are gangs of gays out there harassing me all the time. One time, they took me to lunch. horror!

  • Jett Perrobone

    In related news – Right Wing Watch’s YouTube account has been terminated thanks to a bogus copyright claim by Klingenschmitt – here.

    Edit: I’ve just found out that apparently RWW has set up a new YouTube account here. It’s got a few new videos already.

    • islandbrewer

      What a fucking piece of shit. I hope this all comes out and gets play in the media if his campaign advances much further.

    • Mario Strada

      It says to tweet youtube to complain about this abuse of the copyright but I am afraid my tweet would just get lost. Is there a better way to do it? I am sure that between this readership and that of a few other blogs we should be able to make the case for RWW. But we need to know what to do and not waste time.

    • Brian

      Ridiculous. Love that Christian news article on that link though, especially when they used this as reasoning as to why their account was terminated: “and allowing followers to issue death threats against a Christian chaplain.”

      Classic. So i guess YouTube channels now have to police the actions of all of their followers apparently (according to Christians, anyway)

      • phantomreader42

        And, of course, this new rule will NEVER be applied to christians, because expecting christians to practice what they preach and not be terrorists would make teh pwecious babby jeebus cry!

  • A3Kr0n

    I was going to bed but decided to check my Friendly Atheist RSS feed one last time. THANK GOD I DID! Science? What a bunch of Klingenschmitt!

  • Robster

    One would not be mistaken to think that after all these years, all these people, all those “theories”, all the effort in general by those tainted with a belief in jesus/mo et al that at least a tiny weenie bit of evidence or proof of some kind would have been unearthed by the staff, but no, nothing not even a hint. Sensible people do and would react to this fact by dismissing god/jesus/al/mo/mary etc. to the waste bin and moving onto something equally silly such as astrology or that diluted medicine nonsense.

  • BlackiesCrazy

    Lol good ole Atheists

  • Troy Wilson

    That guy is a nutter, plain and simple! I was interested in the beginning part about the “news” report of the gay teacher. That guy , just like the christian right, are using the “Gay Manifesto” as timber for their anti-gay hate bonfire. Without the first line no less. Here is the comment I left:

    Wow Chaps, I did some research, as I didn’t believe you about the Gay Manifesto. Sure enough, it is real. However, you are perpetuating a fraud like most of the cloth do. You left out the intro “This essay is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.” How about clergy get background checks too? There are more homosexuals in the church than in our public schools, I’m sure.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Step 1: Admit you are a sinner
    Step 2: ??????????????????
    Step 3: Prophet

  • Garret Shane Brown

    I thought this was going to involve something bad math or bad science… but, his proof of christianity is basically just blind faith?

  • rsiewell

    As a christian this guy is nuts and is the reason why christians who a) dont understand science and b) don’t understand their own faith piss me off to no end

  • Richard Wade

    If this gentleman wanted to prove the existence of his mother, all he would have to do is to have her come out and stand beside him, say hi, give him a hug, wave at the camera, and tell some charming mom story about how he was so cute when he was a toddler. We’d all believe his mom exists and that’s her.

    But trying to prove the existence of something immensely, gigantically, infinitely bigger, more important, and more impressive than his mom, he is embarrassingly, humiliatingly, mortifyingly reduced to offering nothing nearly as convincing as a cameo appearance, just this silly bullshit.

  • webtraveler2


  • midnight rambler

    Sounds like Dr. Assless Chaps is operating at his usual level of intelligence.

  • Mick

    At the 25’00″ mark he says he can prove god’s existence in three steps – but each step assumes that which is to be proved !!!

    (1) Admit that GOD does not rule your heart and mind.

    (2) Ask GOD to forgive your sins.

    (3) Invite GOD to rule your heart and mind.

    • Randay

      Hey, this guy has a Phd in Theology, whatever that is, from Pat Robertson’s Regent University. I have of Phd in Bullshit from my Life Training University.

      More on Regent U at Wiki: ” The School also offers theDoctor of Ministry degree along with a Ph.D in Renewal Studies with concentrations in Biblical Studies, Theology and Church History.[9] The School of Divinity is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS).[10]“. Thanks for such august accreditation.

      How could the American Bar Association accredit a law school that “Its mission is to provide an excellent legal education from a Christian perspective, to nurture and encourage its students toward spiritual maturity, and to engage the world through Christian legal thought and practice.”?

    • randomfactor

      Y’know, we could just work the steps backwards and create atheists at will.

  • stojadinovicp

    DAFUQ did I just watch??? o.O

  • ZenoFerox

    In a nutshell: If modal logic sufficed to prove the existence of God (and mathematicians have a pretty good handle on what constitutes “proof”), then every logician would be a believer. They’d have to be. But they aren’t. Despite Kurt Gödel’s well-deserved fame, a half-baked “proof” from his senescent years is no proof at all, even if people have supposedly programmed it into a computer. As Nietzsche or somebody once said, “Gödel is dead.” QED?

  • guest

    This man is a genius! If such a strong argument does not convince you that there truly is a God, then it is because your heart is filled with hate for God. Hate that was placed there by Satan himself. He has clouded your judgement and caused you to think irrationally. Satan has been corrupting man since the days when man lived side by side with dinosaurs. Such as it was shown in the many documentaries covering the subject, The Flintstones. Since the days of the creation of the universe and Earth some 6,532 years ago, give or take a few years, Satan has been corrupting the hearts and minds of man. Open your eyes and your hearts to the Lord and let his love fill your aching and empty soul. One can simply look at nature and know that there must be a God. Take for instance the human eye. Only a perfect being such as the Lord himself could create such an amazing wonder. Evolution is blasphemy. Any fool knows that Satan placed these so called “fossils” in the ground to fool man. Charles Darwin was a fool and a charlatan and he burns for all eternity in a lake of fire. Repent sinners! And know the love of the Lord or he will smite you and kill the first born of every man and flood the world and kill everyone. But know that he loves you if you’ll just invite him into your heart.( and tithe 15% of your gross income)

    In Zombie Jeebus’ name we pray. Ramen!

    • Nemo

      I actually thought this was real until you brought up the Flinstones.

      • Jeff Levy

        but the Flinstones are real,,

        How else would we have cars, heavy equipment and garbage disposal today… if it wasn’t for Man & Dinosaur living & working together…

  • Dr Kaz

    I bet Dr. Chaps is scientifically illiterate. I though maybe he would at least explain the mathematical proof ( ). Instead, he provides a nonsensical 3-step faith-based method that proves god exists. I tried this and the Flying Spaghetti Monster reavealed itself to me. I like spaghetti.

    • primenumbers

      Of course, ontological arguments fail because they put existences as a property rather than that which allows something to be real and have properties. They’re effectively a magic trick / slight of hand game, and not something to be taken seriously.

    • Jeff Levy

      Me too I love spaghetti and meat Balls…

  • riddles

    Step one to proving God is real that even the most skeptic of atheists would agree is basically admit that there is a God to begin with. Seems that he has already forgotten that he is trying to prove there is a god and thinks he is doing something else.

    How he cannot see the huge flaw in his thinking I don’t know.

    • Rab Simpson

      “How he cannot see the huge flaw in his thinking I don’t know.”

      He’s religious.

      • JohnnieCanuck

        And he makes money out of it.

  • busterggi

    Cut him some slack, I didn’t think he could count all the way to three.

  • PrayNfail

    I prayed as directed, but the FSM showed up, now what?

    • Anonymouse

      Eat up!

  • DoYouEvenScience??

    This is the equation of time dilation by einstein . basically t * gamma , where gamma is the lorentz factor .
    Bruh do you even science ?

  • Gus

    Back when I was a Christian, I did all those things, and believed them. And no heavenly proof was delivered. What I got was an emotional experience that I could easily manage to manufacture conditions to recreate without there being any god or paying any homage to one. Heck, the conditions surrounding the birth of my first son (chiefly exhaustion, which funnily enough is also used to create religious experiences) led to a much more powerful emotional experience than any religious one I ever had, so obviously my son is God.

    The most elementary understanding of the human brain destroys this guy’s argument, even if you figure out what his argument actually is (which is that you can create a powerful emotional experience, which must be God). When will they start attacking neuroscience as vehemently as they attack evolution?

  • Baldrick

    Odin promised to vanquish the Frost Giants… Seen any lately??

  • Amor DeCosmos

    Youtube is a funny thing. Because of Dr. Chaps’ “Gay Teacher… Sex… Boy” title for this video, the suggested links beside it lead to such awesome videos as, “Red Dirt gay movie” “Lost Angel – gay short film” “Camionero – (A little) Gay Short Film” … and my favourite, “Minnesota Christian Pastor Molested Gay Men to Turn Them Straight”.

  • Matt D

    That’s blatant manipulation. Starting from the premise that “I’m a sinner” before anything else is required?

    I don’t think so. That’s intended to reduce their audience’s mental resistance, by having them doubt their own self worth before they consider if their tomes are true or not.

  • William Snell

    Unfortunately this was just math coupled with the presuppositional apologetic argument. And as to the ease of atheists admitting they’re sinners – this is another example of the condescension of religion. An atheist does not believe in God, nor do we believe in “sin”. Right and wrong to be sure, but “sin” is a matter of religious doctrine, not morality. As for the bits about a gay teacher and underage boy, I didn’t check for accuracy, but all I can say to that is until straight teachers stop banging underage kids, trying to make a point out of a gay one doing it is hypocritical. It’s not right, but it’s NOT a gay problem.

  • The_Physeter

    No, he’s basically right. If following those three steps would actually cause a visible, undeniable experience to happen, one that was significantly distinguishable from a hallucination, that’s EXACTLY the kind of proof one would demand from a real god. His problem is assuming atheists have never tried this before.
    There are so very many atheists out there who are Christians. Some were born-again tougues speaking holy rollers, like the current leader of the FFRF. Some, like me, prayed to Jesus and accepted him into our hearts and prayed over and over again that he would forgive our sins and save us. The problem is the evidence just isn’t there, and obnoxious Christians just won’t believe us.

  • Jeff Levy

    I never have sinned and I can’t sin.. I’m not christian or any other make believe Religion..

    I will bet that we can do a mathematical equation it would prove unicorns too..

    doesn’t your Jesus tell you NOT to lie and yet the reports from that other guy was nothing but LIES about LGBT’s and your LIES of the Gay agenda… It’s a good thing You (Dr. Chaps) don’t really believe in your so called Bible cause with your LIES about LGBT’s you would go to that fake Hell you preach about, it’s really you, worship MONEY and not this fake God you spew about.

    How about you talk about the Christians that are killing their kids do to this EVIL religion… or the enormous amounts of Heterosexuals abandoning their Kids to Orphanages… NO Homosexual has ever abandon their Child or given their child up to an Orphanage… or put their 3 Kids in a car and drive that car into a lake to drown them then LIE and say some black man stoled their car.. then some of the truth come out and she did it because her imaginary God (the Christian GOD) told her to do it..

    But hay if you want to believe in this god or any of the 1,000 PLUS go for it But leave out the LIES about LGBT’s and tell the truth of the evils done in the name of your religion… or is it just all about the MONEY for you?

  • Rithie

    That’s a half hour of my life I will never get back again.

    I really can’t understand anyone would want to worship the god as portrayed in the Bible. He’s basically retarded with one solution to things he doesn’t like:

    “Killll ittttt!!! Durrr!!!”

    “Crush the babies heads! Slaughter all the men and women! Oh but no take all the young “virgins” for your sex slaves, that’s cool!”

    When choosing the world my son grows up in, I’d much rather have transgender, and gay people around than bloodthirsty Christian dickheads.

  • Brian T Hall

    Dr. Chaps is…………… dishonest about the real world around him… I don’t want to watch another one of his special news report ever… I think I’m going to de-retard my brain…

  • No.

    LOL I’ll bet all the religious folks on here tried to do that. lol

  • Lysa Franklin

    So dishonest! It took me five minutes to read “A Gay Manifesto” by Carl Wittman which says nothing purported by Klingenshit–I mean, schmitt. I believe the (former) chaplain was quoting a SATIRICAL article titled “The Homosexual Agenda,” or “The Homosexual Manifesto,” or the “The Gay Manifesto” depending where you look, by Michael Swift in 1987. Swift outlines a world where all homophobes’ nightmares have come true, perhaps to point out the explicit impossibility of this scenario. Trust a fanatic to cherry-pick falsehoods and take irony out of context for his own ends. Tool.

  • drakvl

    When the issue of same-sex child molestation comes up, I always have to ask the same question: does this person feel that if the child had been female, that would have been just fine?

  • Davo

    Religious people like this guy just aren’t all there.

  • JA

    I decided to admit my weakness to Thor, and told him that I wanted to be strong and mighty, like him. Kaboom! A bolt of lightning hit me, and I now feel as if I could flip a bulldozer over.

    It really works! Try it for yourself!

    • rouge5

      Really? I need proof. I’m sure I could take you on.