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Munem Wasif is a Bangladeshi photographer who’s been capturing, in glorious black and white, “the intersection of Islam and culture” in his home country. His work is featured in the new online issue of Time.

The caption under this particular photo reads: “Hena’s mother and sisters cry after her death. As punishment for being raped, Hena was whipped to death by local villagers and an Imam.”

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  • Canadian mom

    Disgusting and Heart Wrenching!

  • Beth

    Why… This poor woman, her poor family…

  • Machintelligence

    Blaming the victim — carried to its logical extreme.

  • fenaray

    Guilty of being a woman.

  • Trickster Goddess

    Such sick twisted evil people. How can anyone…. I mean…

    Even if you twist logic and blame a woman for accidentally showing an ankle or whatever thus provoking a man into such uncontrollable lust that he has no choice but to rape her (why o why did Allah make Muslim men such pathetic weaklings?), isn’t death by torture a rather severe penalty for the alleged crime? It wasn’t like the man was traumatized or even injured.

    This is nothing but pathological hatred of women.

    I just want to cry.

  • n0b0dyz

    These poor women are slaves in an oppressive culture. Their “masters” claim ownership of their bodies, violating them, “marrying” them at horribly young ages, punishing or killing them for any transgression including the “crime” of being the victim of another “master”. Where can they run? Where is their Underground Railroad?

  • Jeff

    Everything about this is horrible and gruesome. The worst part, for me, is the death by whipping. It’s not enough to just blame the victim and execute her; it has to be painful, and public, and drawn-out. Even if you concede that an execution was justified and necessary (which would be evil on its own), the torture is entirely extracurricular. Killing is their job, but inflicting tons of pain is their *hobby*.

  • Rich Wilson

    I hesitate to say this, because it’s really immaterial, but she wasn’t sentenced to death. She was ‘just’ sentenced to so many lashes that she died. She was sentenced to 101, and collapsed after 70. Her rapist was sentenced to 201, but ‘escaped’.

    What’s more, her death was initially ruled ‘suicide’ with ‘no visible injuries’.

  • Jesus Xrist

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the old testament laws in the making

    • The Unknown Pundit

      Exactly. Primitive beasts is what they are.

  • _7654_

    I will use only one word to describe and opine on this: despicable.

  • Mario Strada


  • Ryan Fox

    Yeah, the only thing worse than dying a Muslim woman is living as one.

  • Cattleya1

    What a despicable mind control cult. Truly, epically tragic. It is unfortunate that there is no hell waiting for her rapist and the mob who murdered her.

  • Get Over It

    Instead of complaining about it on here do something! Cowards!