The (Crowdsourced) Pale Blue Dot

Yesterday was the late Carl Sagan‘s birthday and the folks at Mad Art Lab put together this really nice compilation of people reciting Sagan’s famous passage about that pale blue dot on which we all live. (I’m in the mix, too.)

(via Mad Art Lab)

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  • FelyxLeiter

    This just never gets old. Few speakers/speeches have so eloquently put things in perspective for me the way Pale Blue Dot does. All hail…Sagan!

  • Paula M Marshall

    Hey, that guy from Mythbusters!!!

    • Artor

      Yeah, Jamie & Adam are both in there. I hope they’re not the only ones you recognized.

  • Jim T

    I absolutely love this….nice job to all who participated and created such a nice tribute to one of the giants in our fight for a better future.

  • L.G. Keltner

    Love it! Sagan’s words get me every time.

  • pparf

    I’ve often thought that a recording of “The Pale Blue Dot” played over the school’s PA system would be a good way to begin each school day.

  • guest

    Made me cry.

    I wonder if, somewhere else in the universe, there’s another dot which contains entire civilisations. If there is, we’ll probably never meet them, because the universe is so huge.

    Also it makes me worry about global warming. :[

  • allein

    Video’s been taken down :(