Mark Driscoll Will Be Answering Questions On Twitter This Morning (UPDATED)

Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll will doing a Q&A live on Twitter today morning, from 9:15a-9:45a (PST). Have a question for him? Tweet to @PastorMark and use the hashtag #AskPM. (Need ideas? You can find a few here.)

Remember, don’t be rude. We’re better than that. But tough questions are perfectly acceptable.

UPDATE: As expected, Driscoll mostly ignored questions from his critics. But Paul Constant at The Stranger put together a compilation of tweets highlighting a few of the interactions as well as a Slog reader’s tally of Driscoll’s answers by gender and topic:

Other highlights:

Here’s a tiny sample of the avalanche of tweets from Megan Seling of The Stranger. Find more here or on her twitter feed.

You can find the full re-cap according to Mars Hill here and a few choice tweets below:


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