New Idaho Billboard Promotes Humanist Wedding Celebrants (and Those Who Want to Become One)

The American Humanist Association just launched a new billboard in Moscow, Idaho encouraging people to become non-religious wedding officiants through the (AHA-affiliated) Humanist Institute’s Continuum for Humanist Education:

The billboard reads “Join Your Friends in Holy Matrimony.”

The Humanist Society has certified celebrants for over 70 years and the billboard directs you to the URL which redirects you to the Society’s website.

“Everyone at The Humanist Institute is excited about offering this new course not only to current humanist celebrants, but to anyone who wants to learn about how to conduct a successful wedding ceremony,” said Humanist Institute Executive Director Kristin Wintermute. “This addition to the other courses offered by the Continuum of Humanist Education is the next step in our ongoing efforts to bring humanist education opportunities to the public.”

The multi-part non-religious wedding course covers areas that include the theoretical understanding of weddings, the role of the celebrant, wedding preparation, what goes into creating vows, different elements of a wedding ceremony, and more.

I had a trained celebrant officiate my wedding. He was fantastic. No one even noticed (or mentioned, anyway) that God was missing throughout the ceremony.

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