Christian School Boots Kids With Gay Parents For Failing ‘Biblical Moral Code’

Myrtle Grove Christian School in Wilmington, North Carolina says its “students thrive in a nurturing Christian environment,” but apparently that only applies to straight students with a mommy and a daddy.

A new school policy, announced Wednesday via a letter sent to parents, reserves the right to deny admission to any student whose “home life” opposes or counters biblical principles — for example, any practice or support of homosexuality.

Here’s the portion of the official statement from the school barring any child with gay “influences” from attending. First, the “moral reasoning” behind such a decision:

An integral part of Myrtle Grove Christian School’s mission is to foster spiritual development and a biblical worldview in the lives of its students. This includes leading students to develop a biblical understanding of morality and to pursue a life that is governed by the biblical moral code. The school works in partnership with families to achieve these desired outcomes, which necessitates that both the school and home come under the authority of God for the benefit of the student.

(For the record, I can name a number of high-profile Christians whose lives are most certainly not governed by a “biblical moral code,” if by any moral code at all. But how much can we trust the Bible on morality, anyway?)

Then, the official kicking-out of the gays:

For this reason, the school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student if the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, participating in, supporting, or affirming sexual immorality, homosexual activity, or bisexual activity; promoting such practices; or being unable to support the moral principles of the school.

It is beyond me how school officials would go about finding out this information about a child, which might be the most frightening part. Sure, if a kid shows up on the first day of class with two moms, that’ll do it, but where does it stop? Is the principal sneaking around to figure out who has a gay uncle? Searching social networks to see which female students have girlfriends? Personally, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The letter from the school is quick to denounce “our culture” for its increasing acceptance of LGBT people, even if administrators don’t want to say outright that they’re blatantly homophobic:

As our culture’s view of morality has shifted further and further away from a biblical understanding, our school board has had to consider the limits of school-family partnerships within that culture. The question is, at what point are a family’s moral affirmations or lifestyles far enough away from the biblical center that we cannot hold hands in partnership?

This phrasing clearly targets children with same-sex parents, though the policy will of course affect LGBT students (or those perceived to be LGBT) themselves. Oh, and last, but not least, MGCS wants you to know that it’s not homophobic. No, really. No problems here. Just doing what the Bible said:

This policy should not be construed as a universal statement on how the Christian community should relate with the world or address issues of morality. It is certainly not intended as a statement of condemnation. MGCS is well known as a community of grace, and we freely extend that grace to all of our neighbors.

(Except the gay ones?! Read on.)

But we are also well known as an institution which stands firmly on the truth of the Holy Bible, and we will always be governed by its principles.

Nope, nope, nope. This doesn’t even fall into the love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin category that most anti-gay Christian rhetoric tries to cling to in the hopes of seeming a little more relevant. This is telling LGBT kids and their parents outright that they are not welcome in this community, and that one interpretation of one antiquated book is more important than their families and their children’s education.

As is always the case with these types of stories, I’m left with one overarching question: Why in the world would same-sex parents want to send their kids to a school like this in the first place?

(Thanks to Lee for the link)

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  • DougI

    If he only murdered his gay parents then he would have been permitted to live by biblical morals standards and be allowed in the school. In other words, he was kicked out for having real morals.

  • Dorothy

    just curious, was this new school policy created in order to boot out a current student? or is the admin just being ‘proactive’ and making sure that same-sex couples can’t enroll their kids?

    • Anna

      That’s what I’m wondering. I’m curious if there’s a particular student that’s been bothering the administration, and they felt the need to announce a policy just before (or after) they kicked the student out.

    • allein

      I was wondering that, too. From the headline I was expecting a story about a specific family.

  • busterggi

    This is what happens when a school is run by Sharia law.

  • Sven2547

    It is certainly not intended as a statement of condemnation

    The hell it’s not.

    Reminds me of the oft-repeated right-wing talking point that “We’re not trying to ban gays from marrying, we’re just restricting marriage to heterosexual couples”. You realize that’s exactly the same thing, right?

    • WallofSleep

      Your “lifestyle choice” is anti-biblical, an abomination unto God, and a one way ticket to hell. But no, we’re not condemning you.

    • Carol Lynn

      Nah. Everyone is supposed to do an opposite gender marriage and the ones who find them themselves not attracted to their spouse are supposed to not have sex. Since sex is icky worldly stuff, its a win-win for Jebus and celibacy!

      • Pofarmer

        thank Augustine and Jerome.

    • Claire

      Or the classic “I don’t hate gay people, I just think they’re a negative cultural influence and don’t deserve the same rights as me. That’s totally not hatred because I say it isn’t.”

      • Miss_Beara

        Or “I don’t hate gay people. I have many gay friends, but…”

    • EuropeanCommunist

      No offense but I think the author of that statement is a fucking idiot.

      What do you mean he/she is offended?

    • ShoeUnited

      “We’re not condemning you. God is.”

  • joey_in_NC

    Why in the world would same-sex parents want to send their kids to a school like this in the first place?

    Well, isn’t this the real question? A PRIVATE school reserves the right to admit whomever they want to admit.

    • baal

      You mean private schools should have the right to exclude say all blacks or all christians?

      • joey_in_NC

        Yes, private schools have the legal right to exclude whomever they want.

        Do you disagree?

        • Cyrus Palmer

          The KKK has all kinds of legal rights to hate too. Whats your point?

        • baal

          I do disagree. Turns out that private schools even when they do not receive federal funds may not discriminate on the basis of race. Other private schools may not discriminate against a protected class when they take federal funds. There is a lot more detail and you can find one off cases for any argument you like. The point remains, however, that even totally private schools are not legally allowed to be totally bigoted.

          • joey_in_NC

            Your link is botched…I’d like to read it. You may be correct if it concerns race.

            • baal

              I’ve fixed it, the = sign was in the wrong place.

              • joey_in_NC

                Thanks. I’ve never come across that SC case. I stand corrected.

          • Crash Override

            The problem lies in the fact that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are protected classes under Federal law, nor are they protected classes under the laws of over half the states in the Union. There are some localities within those states, however, where one or the other, rarely both, are protected under the law.

      • Leiningen’s Ants

        Only if we’re being fair.

    • TheG

      One of the first things my father taught me was that he, as a lawyer, could never confuse what is “legal” with what is “moral” or “right”.

    • Anna

      Yes, they have the legal right to discriminate.

      As for why they want their children there, hard as it may be to believe, many gay people identify as Christian. I know gay people who sent their kids to Catholic schools because they were Catholic and wanted their children to have a Catholic education.

      Lots of people who don’t follow the Catholic church’s sexual rules send their kids to their schools, by the way. I know tons of children with divorced and remarried parents who attend them. Yet somehow there are never cases of those kids being kicked out or refused admittance.

      Now a fundamentalist Christian school in North Carolina? I don’t know that any out gay and lesbian parent in their right mind would attempt to send their child to such a school. It doesn’t appear that there was actually an attempt. It seems like the school made a preemptive announcement just in case a same-sex couple ever thought about applying.

      • allein

        My former roommate teaches at a Catholic school and a good percentage of the students aren’t even Catholic.

  • JT Rager

    WHY do people think homosexuality is a lifestyle? It’s not a lifestyle! It’s just being attracted to someone of the same sex. There’s nothing different in someone’s “lifestyle” compared to your average Joe except for that. The referral to it as a lifestyle drives me crazy!

    • WallofSleep

      When you go to Wal-Mart and pick “gay”, you have to take the whole lifestyle package. There’s no picking and choosing. Don’t like it? You should have thought of that before you chose to be gay.

      • Carla

        Well there’s your mistake. Never buy your gay at Walmart. God knows it where it was made, or what kind of sequins you’re going to get. For the good quality gay, shop local.

        • WallofSleep

          Sequins? All they have at Wal-Mart are leather and spikes. Do you mean to tell me that there is more than just one kind of gay on the market? Sorry, JT, I think I may have given you some faulty shopping info.

      • Raising_Rlyeh

        I think my Gay Lifestyle Package™ is defective. Mine did not come with a fashion sense nor did it come with the ability to give insightful comments on life lessons to my heterosexual friends.

        • JT Rager

          Looks like somebody didn’t read their gay agenda closely enough. Everything is detailed in there!

    • Sven2547

      Think of it like a cable package. It’s all in the bundling! haha

      • Jonas

        Bundling Boards included at no extra charge.

    • Amor DeCosmos

      Well, homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, much like being Japanese is. No one makes them speak Japanese, or eat sushi, or drive Hondas. It’s a choice. They could be Texans if they wanted to, but they choose to be Japanese. It’s a factor of both how their parents raised them, and the social pressure of the Japanese Agenda to make everyone born in Japan, become Japanese. I don’t hate the Japanese, just their anime.

      • allein

        I do hold a grudge against manga…

  • WallofSleep

    I recall the day I decided on “heterosexual” as my lifestyle choice. It was the day I first saw Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

    But can you really call it a choice. I mean, look at her. I didn’t have a chance. She clearly is a potent weapon in the hetero-indoctrination arsenal.

    • Amor DeCosmos

      Ha ha – we must be about the same age. Lynda Carter, indeed! The affirmation of my heterosexual lifestyle choice was Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels

    • TheG

      I must be a touch younger. For me, it was seeing Princess Leia poked in the ass by a teddy bear with a spear.

    • NotBiTor_NorSnowDog

      I’m about the same age also but my hetrosexual indoctrination was courtsesy of Jenny Agutter in Logan’s Run.

  • Donatello

    Fascinating how it is always the rules regarding sex which are the only ones of the “biblical moral code” that are relevant to these religious freaks. I wonder how many students will get kicked out because their parents do not follow Luke 3:11 and own more than one shirt/coat/whatever.

    • eric

      Yes I was going to post basically the same thing. Do they kick kids out if their parents don’t honor the sabbath? Covet their neighbor’s ass?
      They say: “The question is, at what point are a family’s moral affirmations or lifestyles far enough away from the biblical center that we cannot hold hands in partnership?”
      The answer seems to be: at the gay point. Short of murder, no other “point” is far enough away.

  • C Peterson

    Any temporary discomfort to this family aside, we should see this as a good thing. The longer the wingnut Christian organizations push away normal people, disenfranchise normal people, isolate themselves from normal people, the more they will shift themselves to the fringe and isolate themselves from influencing our society.

    Think about how this affects the beliefs of kids at that school who are friends with the expelled student.

    • griffox

      Exactly. I can affirm that my Christian school was instrumental in pushing me away from Christianity. I had a horrible experience at that school, but it got me to reevaluate what they stood for, so thanks, assholes!

  • Alfreda

    Why in the world would you as a gay couple, send your child to a school that teaches hate and hypocrisy?

    • Sideshow_Billybob

      religion is a helluva drug.

    • Erp

      I suspect it is one step removed. Yes it will keep out children whose parents are out of that closet; however, it can also be used to keep out children whose parents accept a gay or lesbian relative’s spouse or partner or date by allowing them in the house or allow the relative in without openly showing disapproval of their ‘lifestyle’. It might also be used against families which don’t openly oppose or even support anti-discrimination measures.

    • Leiningen’s Ants

      How far away is the next nearest school? I dunno, that might be a circumstance to consider, JMHO, OC.

  • Sideshow_Billybob

    The school is scared out of its religious gourd. It doesn’t want the kids to find out that families with same-sex parents are still just families. The kids might develop their own ideas (*gasp!*) about how things are and such families are no big deal. Can’t have those kids having ideas before they’re TOLD what their ideas really are by the school, eh?

  • KMR

    I wonder if the school would accept children who come from divorced families where the mother or father is remarried. How about children who’s parents are obese? I’m guessing is that those families would be welcome with open arms but maybe I’m wrong and this school hates all “sinner’s” equally. It would be noxious of course but at least not hypocritical.

  • R Vogel

    No condemnation, we just don’t think your kids deserve an education, or to be a part of society. Hell, they don’t even warrant our effort to indoctrinate them into our loony hateful religion. (Actually this may be the hidden silver lining) Can’t imagine how that would be considered homophobic.

  • The Captain

    It’s rather interesting (and telling) that the “punishment” if you will for breaking this “moral code” is applied to the child, when the “crime” (in their eyes) is one of the parents. You will notice they are not claiming the child did anything wrong according to their code, and the parents are not cited for doing anything against their code other than merely existing (they do not seem to be activist, or causing a fuss at the school). So even if a child wanted to attend this school, and lets say the parents wanted the child to be brought up with this kind of ridiculous thinking, the school still would not teach the student because of the “sins” of the parent.

    This has been one to the scourges of the concept of “original sin” has on societies. THis horrible idea that somehow people can be born with an inherent “sin” and need to atone, once accepted, gradually seems to get applied to more “sins” than those of just Adam and Eve. It’s been responsible for that early calvinist/puritans who thought that god show his blessings, so that well off families where inherently loved more by god, and the poor then must have inherently more sin in them (A sin you could be born into). More recently, It’s what lead the mormons to teach that black people where biblically inferior, and by the nature of some “crime” or “sin” generations ago, black people now should not have the same rights as whites (the right to hold positions within the church). It perpetrates the idea that some “lineages” are inherently better than others.

    This is one reason that all the cries of “freedom” or “everyone is given an equal chance” and “people are judged as individuals” from religious/conservatives here in the US are all just a bunch of empty rhetorical bullshit. You can see, when they are left alone without government (democratic) oversight, they organize themselves and their society into a very strict authoritarian, hierarchy where ones position and ability to advance is mostly determined by your parents and family favoritisms. If the school would punish a child because of his parents, then you know damn well they will “reward” others for theirs. In these religious/conservative communities a persons worth and rights are determined at birth, by what arbitrary categories their genetics place them into. U.S. religious/conservative societies are never “fair” or egalitarian no matter what rhetoric they scream at you.

    TLDR: U.S. christians/conservatives basically act like Klingons.

  • Debbi

    Both my son and I are post-op transsexuals (conserves yin and yang ya know,, lol!). He is bright and the best education we could find him for high school was a Catholic (“almost all” girls, again lol) academy which excelled in the STEM curricula.
    We had a conversation a year or two before then, he was 12 I think when he told me the Bible is total BS. After that I didn’t worry. He caused quite a ruckus getting a Gay Straight Alliance going and the bishop fired my sons mentor, a gay (male) teacher who took a vow of celibacy no less but that’s how low the Church is.
    To the point: My wife is teacher in a Catholic diocese and if her situation was ever made known she would be fired on the spot no doubt. what good would that bring to the world?

  • guest

    Good, those kids will be better off being away from that school and environment. What LGBT parent would send their child to a christian school anyways? Haven’t they seen and experienced enough Christian love and Biblical morality already?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “It is beyond me how school officials would go about finding out this information about a child, which might be the most frightening part.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they did start checking out the facebook profiles of students or even used other students to report on the conversations going on that they can’t hear.

  • Anna

    When I read the title of the post, I thought it was a particular child being kicked out, but it sounds to me like this is preemptive booting. A fundamentalist Christian school in North Carolina? I’d be surprised if any out gay parents would ever send their child there. No doubt there are many closeted ones who do, plus divorced gay parents who share custody with former spouses.

    It appears that students in the latter category might be affected. That seems like it would be pretty awkward. Hypothetical scenario. A girl is from a fundamentalist Christian home, but because her parents divorced when her dad came out as gay, she’s expelled from school? Even though her mother totally supports the school’s mission and believes being gay is a “sin” anyway?

  • observer

    Weren’t homophobes the ones complaining that if gays were allowed to married, it would cause division in society?

  • Intelligent Donkey
  • parabolic

    So parents who own slaves would be OK?

    • Cyrus Palmer

      As long as they get up a few days after being beaten, yes.

  • katiehippie

    “The question is, at what point are a family’s moral affirmations
    or lifestyles far enough away from the biblical center that we cannot
    hold hands in partnership?”
    Don’t want no icky gay cooties.

  • allein

    or bisexual activity

    If you’re bi but in a monogamous marriage with someone of the opposite sex, does that still count as “bisexual activity”?

  • m6wg4bxw

    I have three thoughts on this. First, it’s their school. They can make the rules as they wish.

    Second, it seems ignorant to insist that every restriction on homosexuals is homophobia. Within (certain) Christianity, homosexuality is a disqualification, plain and simple. Enforcing a rule isn’t a phobia, regardless of any homophobia in the minds of those involved.

    Third, it seems like the school should want kids with gay parents to have more school contact. How can the kids be helped by expulsion? It seems loosely analogous to a doctor refusing sick patients.

  • Janice Clanfield

    What leaves me completely baffled is why gay parents would send their child to be indoctrinated by a pack of delusional lying bigots. The parents got what was coming to them. Idiots.

  • Harley Quinn

    It’s a private school, is it not? If so, unfortunately they’re free to be as bigoted and delusional as they like. And the rest of us are free to mock them incessantly for their stupidity.

  • Tor

    I don’t think any self-respecting gay parents would send their children to such a school – Unless the school had a top-notch academic program including all the arts and sciences. I sincerely doubt this is one of those schools.

  • Aspieguy

    It’s this stupid shit that’s causing christians to leave the church in droves. They don’t seem to get this. Soon, churches are going to be full of old people condemning the culture and hating gays.


    I wish we could feed the christians to the lions

  • WalterWhite007

    No wonder Europeans laugh at the USA, although it is a nervous laugh similar to how you laugh at crazy people!

  • devilsadvocate

    All moral issues aside, they have every right to allow and not allow students in their school based on their belief. Much like businesses can refuse allowing someone to work for their company based on if they use drugs. I’m not comparing drugs and homosexuality in a moral sense, rather people’s belief of drugs as immoral to people’s belief that homosexuality is immoral. Not everyone thinks that smoking pot is immoral just like not everyone thinks that being homosexual is immoral. But a private owned company, like this school, has the right to do what they did. And as far as finding out how the child’s parents are gay, businesses also do drug tests to find out if people use them. Invasion of privacy? I’ll let you decide.

    • Feminerd

      A privately owned business may not refuse to serve homosexual customers, and in many states (and hopefully, all of them soon if ENDA passes) may not discriminate in employment based on sexual orientation.

      A privately owned business has no right to discriminate in many circumstances. Sexual orientation is rapidly becoming one of those situations. The situations are in no way analogous.

      • Anon

        is not entirely accurate even if ENDA passes. The current version of the bill under consideration in Congress prohibits private employers with more than 15
        employees from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender
        identity. Religious organizations are also provided an exception from this protection,
        similar to that found in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Non-profit
        membership-only clubs, except labor unions, are similarly exempt.

        • Feminerd

          Fair enough. I didn’t want to go into the details, but you’re right, it doesn’t cover all possible employers. It is much better than what currently exists (which is nothing), but it isn’t perfect.

          • Anon

            I am curious, do you have any idea why the format of my posts on this site are so messed up? The system is inserting line breaks where they should not be.

            • Feminerd

              I do not know. It does that occasionally, and I just go back and edit my posts to remove the line breaks. You don’t appear to have a full account (your name shows up in grey, not blue) so I don’t think you can edit your posts.

  • Anon

    Does no one else see the double standard of OP
    here? Myrtle Grove Christian school is a
    private institution, which means they receive no Federal funding. As such they are free to allow or disallow
    whomever they please. If they decide
    that they will only allow green eyed red headed children into their school that
    is their prerogative. Do they not have
    the same freedom of choice that OP has when it comes to her sexual
    orientation? Or is it only the Christian who has no freedom of choice?