Pastor John Hagee: ‘Atheism Has Never Healed a Disease’

Pastor John Hagee has a habit of railing against things he really doesn’t understand. Like the Harry Potter series and Ouija boards and rock music.

In a sermon delivered last weekend, Hagee explained how atheism is intellectually and morally bankrupt… and that it has never cured a disease (implying, strangely, that “Christianity” can):

The Bible says: “The fool hath said in his heart ‘There is no God’.” Atheists say there is no God. Let me tell you that atheism has never painted a masterpiece. Atheism has never dispelled fear. Atheism has never healed a disease; faith in God has, but not atheism. Atheism has never given anyone piece of mind. Atheism has never dried a tear. Atheism has never given an intellectual answer to the creation. Atheism is bankrupt and empty; it’s brain dead.

Actually, atheists don’t all say “There is no God”… but nuance is lost on this man. Atheism may not have painted a masterpiece, but atheists have.

Atheism may not have healed a disease, but there’s no shortage of brilliant atheist scientists and researchers.

Atheists everywhere can tell you how much peace of mind they have knowing there’s no hell awaiting them or vengeance-seeking God watching them at all times.

Atheism — or rather, a naturalistic worldview — is the only philosophy that has given us an intellectual answer for how we got here.

As usual, Hagee is wrong.

But he wasn’t done yet:

It is believed that when people stop believing in God, they believe nothing. That’s wrong. When people no longer believe in God, they will believe in anything. That’s why they start hugging trees. That’s why they start staring into crystals, joining cults, running into the woods, ripping off their shirts, baying at the moon, because it’s something intellectual people do when they get frustrated.

We do what now?!

Since when it there something wrong with caring about the environment? (Then again, I guess you can stop caring about it if you think it’s all gonna burn, anyway, when Jesus returns.)

Staring into crystals? Most atheists eschew and call out all forms of supernatural bullshit, not just the kind pastors talk about.

Joining cults? That’s pretty much the exact opposite of what we do.

Running into the woods, ripping off our shirts, and baying at the moon? Does Hagee think all atheists are half-human, half-stripper, half-wolf?

After hearing that last bit, you have to believe, as Kyle Mantyla of Right Wing Watch does, that “Hagee has probably never actually met an atheist.”

Not that that will stop him from pretending to be an expert on us. Lying to people about subjects he knows next to nothing about is pretty much what he does for a living.

About Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is the editor of Friendly Atheist, appears on the Atheist Voice channel on YouTube, and co-hosts the uniquely-named Friendly Atheist Podcast. You can read much more about him here.

  • Timmah

    “running into the woods, ripping off their shirts, baying at the moon”

    Atheism: The leading cause of Lycanthropy.

    • Pepe

      It’s true though. This year, I have kept track of every time I turned into a werewolf. Even though my memory is normally quite foggy when I ‘wake up’, I’m almost certain that it’s thoughts of how there’s no god, that kinda starts the transformation. Oh shia;t;a;

    • Sapphire Possible

      Atheism is also the leading cause of vegetarianism, and self-reliance.

  • WallofSleep

    And a toaster has never made bread. What’s yer fookin’ point, Hagee?

    • Eric Moody

      BSG references are always appreciated!

    • Guest


  • C Peterson

    The same sort of rationalism and intellectual honesty that turns people into atheists, however, also cures ignorance and intolerance, which are social diseases of the highest order. Religion never cured ignorance.

    • Rationalist1

      “Religion never cured ignorance” Of course not, religion needs ignorance in order to thrive,

      • Keyra

        Religion never cured ignorance, true, only God can

        • C Peterson

          And thus you prove my point.

        • Guest

          God is imaginary. Imaginary beings cannot cure anything.

          • Feminerd

            Sure they can! Imaginary beings can cure sanity. Sanity is a disease, right?

            • 3lemenope

              I tend to think it is.

          • Karen

            The Bible says that only the fool has said in his heart that there is no God.

        • smrnda

          My dictionary defines ‘religion’ as ‘a way of worshiping, serving or relating to god’ so how are they any different?

        • Jeff

          Hey, Keyra, welcome back, troll. Again you have been gone a while. I see the time off hasn’t helped you come up with good, solid, logical, arguments to defend your belief. That’s fine. You are still welcome here. See, if you truly had faith, you wouldn’t bother with your snide comments, or trolling to “convince” us otherwise. So, I hope all is well, you and your family are happy and healthy, and that you keep coming back. You have already demonstrated the weakness you have in your beliefs by returning time and again. Please, feel welcome here, we know it’s tough to finally give in to reason and recognize that your beliefs in the invisible man are unfounded.

          • Aspieguy

            She’s a troll? Does she live under a bridge?

        • Cyrus Palmer

          How insecure in your beliefs can you be? Damn…

  • Holytape

    As a atheist-werewolf-stripper, I can say that John Hagee is completely wrong about tree hugging. I don’t hug trees. Trees can look, but they can’t touch. I don’t care how much greenery they float my way. I ain’t that kind of atheist-werewolf-stripper.

    • Pitabred

      That’s because you’re not a TRUE atheist-werewolf-stripper. You’re following the wrong branch of atheism, heathen!

      • Ron

        Yes, so many atheists these days are barking up the wrong tree. It’s a damn shame, I tell ya… a real damn shame.

    • katiehippie

      I don’t hug trees because they never hug back. Rude, selfish, trees. hmmmmph

      • Wren

        For me, the issue is of consent. They never tell me it is ok, so I don’t do it.

        • katiehippie

          Wise words for sure.

      • Sideshow_Treebeard

        Of course trees will hug back. You just never give them enough time. Always so hasty. Much like talking in Old Entish, anything worth doing is worth taking a long time to do. Hroom.

        • katiehippie

          You may be right. I think it’s time for some Ent draughts.

      • Sapphire Possible

        I do hug trees and they feed me oxygen, and keep the atmosphere clean…and provide natural beauty all year round.

    • Heathen5701

      The only time I’ve hugged a tree was when I was so intoxicated that it was the only way I could stand upright. Now sitting under a tree reading the latest book from Dr. Dawkins is another matter.

    • Pepe

      You sir/ma’am, you’re doing it right.

    • wmdkitty

      I’ll hug anything, whether it moves or not. YMMV.

      • paulalovescats

        I only hug weeping willows because they WANT my hugs. :(

        • Wren

          Silence doesn’t imply consent! :)

    • busterggi

      Trees can’t help it, they’ve got wood.

  • Joe

    Wow what a bunch of useless gibberish. Absolutely a misrepresentation of who we are.

  • invivoMark

    “When people no longer believe in God, they will believe in anything. That’s
    why they start hugging trees. That’s why they start staring into
    crystals, joining cults, running into the woods, ripping off their
    shirts, baying at the moon, because it’s something intellectual people do when they get frustrated.”

    Why… why does the rest of this post exist? This one section is really all I need. This one collection of harebrained sentences is all that was necessary to totally make my day. The rest of this post, I would argue, is superfluous.

    • Art_Vandelay

      Right? I don’t get the animosity? This guy’s awesome.

  • Rationalist1

    First of all, Thank Reason I’m an athists. Secondly I wonder how many people blowhards like / this send to the non believing side. ANd the ones that believe his nonsense, they’re better off as staying that way as a shining example of what belief can make a person accept.

  • guesta

    I’m pretty sure that atheist medicine has cured a fuckton of disease. By atheist medicine I mean of course medicine which does not require a god in order to work, medicine which cures entirely through materialistic means. In other words, all modern medicine.
    This man is a fucking idiot. If he’d prefer to pray to Jesus than go to hospital, so be it.

  • Richard Wade

    I don’t hug trees, I don’t stare into crystals, I don’t join cults, I don’t run into the woods baying at the moon, but I do often rip off my shirt. That’s because I have an awesome physique. That shirt-ripper Captain Kirk looks like a ten year-old boy compared to me. HAAGEEEEE!!

    Funny how you never see Joe Klein painting a masterpiece or healing a disease.

  • Mr. Two

    He doesn’t mention astrology, but it’s many Christians are so credulous as to accept astrology (which the Old Testament specifically prohibits!), as well as anything else spiritual such as magic crystals, pyramid power, etc. If they can accept one sort of metaphysical belief, they can easily accept others.

    • smrnda

      I’ve met people who have an astonishing mess of varying beliefs cobbled together. Some fundamentalists are very hostile towards competing forms of nonsense, but others are fairly open and adaptable.

  • Mitch

    Right, because crystals and the moon are crazier things to believe in than my invisible daddy in the sky. Touche, salesman.

  • GeraardSpergen

    Alert Hemant: Somehow the photo of a preacher you intended to post shows up as a joke photo of a toad in a suit.

    • JackieTrinity

      LOL! Mr. Toad’s Wild Imagination.

  • Ron

    The fool hath said in his heart. “There is no God.”

    But the wise hath said it with their lips.

    • Drakk

      Careful. That could be taken as bashing closeted atheists, who may not have the freedom to choose their situations.

      • Karen

        It’s right in the Bible. Can’t go wrong with that.

  • Svelaz

    Wow, I have known Hagee to be a wee bit off on some of his sermons but this one takes the cake! I think he is angry because the prevalence and new openness about atheism these days make him nervous and gives him a reason to rant off about it as one more sign the end times are coming. I’m sure it’s end times…..for Christians as a religion but everyone else will just keep on doing whatever is everyone else has been doing for the past 10,000 years. I find it curious that pastors such as Hagee lately have been more shrill and loud given that these days things are progressing way too fast for these folks to handle. The changes going on are too much….A black president, gay marriage, Obamacare, a pope who actually speaks his mind, atheists everywhere! the horror! the good ol’ glamour and goodness of the 50′s era is fading away… What you hear these days from pastors such as Hagee is basically panic hidden in shallow confidence.

    • Rationalist1

      Exactly. Reason and science is winning and they’re mad and scared.

      • Svelaz

        With the advent of the internet and social media it is no longer possible for pastors of such fervor like Hagee to maintain their bubble of influence’s immunity to the secular realities of the world outside their immediate reality. Now more than ever they basically implore their congregations to bury their noses into their bibles and focus not only on what it is telling them but to ignore their ever shrinking bubble. Atheism is incredibly nuanced and varied and for folks like Hagee simplicity trumps complexity because they can make clear distinctions that are easier to fathom and exploit. It’s always a game of absolutes and never about nuances, nuances lead to doubts. Doubt is the nagging evil that lurks in every corner just waiting to pounce. So fear is a pastor’s best friend. The fear of the possible is the greatest threat to them.

        • Rationalist1

          Who would have thought that the internet would have such an affect on religion? And when people, especially the young see that atheists can live happy, fulfilled, fear free lives without God, all the Hagees of the world can only turn up the rhetoric.

          • Svelaz

            It is amazing isn’t it? I would characterize it as when people back in those ages couldn’t read and relied on only a few to read and tell them what the good book was saying and what it meant. They really had no choice but to accept what the one who could read said. If I remember correctly, there was a time when even being able to read a bible was considered a crime punishable by death. These days it’s easier to critically review the bible in it’s entirety and find that not everything that was once said and believed was final.

    • Pitabred

      The earth is only 6,000 years old! There’s no way people have been doing things for 10,000 years, therefore I can completely ignore your argument and continue to make fun of tree huggers!

      I win, haha! Logic!

      • Svelaz

        What? only 6,000 years old! What the hell? Is that why my grampa had that T-Rex saddle hidden in the attic? Damn I knew he was lying!

    • Justin Miyundees

      I saw him preaching once to match this and I’ve looked for it many times since. He’s lecturing about heaven and says several times “I will LITRALLY (whatever that means) walk on streets of gold! LITRALLY!!!!”

      Wish I could find that – he really goes nuts on that one too.

      • Svelaz

        My biggest issue with such claims is that despite all the talk heaven lined with gold and honey or whatever is that even if it were true I really wouldn’t want to live forever in such a place. I’ve often thought that living forever is not really very appealing once you really think about it. To live forever would mean to have seen and done everything and then what? It’s novelty would wear off long before forever. None of these folks really think about it other than to just get there. There is never talk about what rules there are in heaven, what happens when you break them if it is even possible. There are more rules known about hell than there are about heaven. That alone is highly suspect in my opinion. A swift end to nothingness has a better finality than living forever with the possibility of being miserably blissfull…..forever! yikes!

        • Keyra

          Nothing would mean anything if this is all we had; no reckoning, no final judgement, no eternal peace. It wouldn’t matter what we said & done, accomplished, our loved ones, greatest memories, etc. would just die with us; we’d forget we ever lived in the first place and absolutely nothing would matter. Not to mention it’s a little too convenient to think it all end just like that, just one shot at life; unimportant & insignificant; as life and the universe holds infinite complexity…only to just end, poof! Just like that. Best thing is to keep an open mind. Heaven however is far greater and beyond our human comprehension

          • Ron

            “Heaven however is far greater and beyond our human comprehension”

            His Noodliness has apprised us there’ll be beer volcanoes, stripper factories and never-ending bowls of pasta. Quite comprehensible, really.

            • Svelaz

              “Heaven however is far greater and beyond our human comprehension”- of course it is always beyond human comprehension when it comes down to really trying to explain something that is supposed to be perfectly comprehensible. Such as a preacher or minister telling its congregation that this or that is what God really meant, but ordinary humans cannot possibly comprehend what God really means. This insinuates that preachers are somehow better at comprehending what is supposedly utterly incomprehensible.

          • Svelaz

            Actually if you have lived a rich full life and lived it like it was the only one you have everything one does counts. Anything of importance that had been said or done or accomplished for our loved ones or even a friend would live on in those peoples memories. Nothing really is forgotten. The greatest thing that could happen when one is gone is that others learn and remember. What happens to you is irrelevant. It’s actually a pretty selfless notion. It’s simplicity is far greater appreciated. Nothing wrong with keeping an open mind. I’m all for that. But ultimately it is MY belief that it is better to live life like this is your only one. What a better motivation is there to do good NOW rather than to put it off because there is another place that is better. Heaven can wait, be better NOW. At least that’s my take on things and it’s worked pretty damn well and with nary a regret.

            • Keyra

              “Actually if you have lived a rich full life and lived it like it was the only one you have everything one does counts. “, not really, it would all just be forgotten, forever. It’s easy for the rich & successful to get overconfident, since they think they have everything (and what is this one life compared to eternal bliss?). “Anything of importance that had been said or done or accomplished for our loved ones or even a friend would live on in those peoples memories. “, they’d die and forget too. But yeah, it’d be best to live the best life we possibly can (because if people die & that’s the end of it, believers wouldn’t know they were wrong and nonbelievers wouldn’t know they were right; but there should always be an open-mind for the alternative [which goes the best way for one side and worse for the other], as there’s no guarantee of a godless universe). It’s also human nature to have regrets

              • Svelaz

                While I get your point it’s obvious that you already made up your mind on what YOU want to believe. What also stands out is that you also want to be right. Like you said there is really no guarantee that you are absolutely right and for that reason you have to keep an open mind. But also it is harder to deal with the concept of nothingness after death. To some there is no comfort in it. It’s the fear of death’s finality that keeps some clinging to the notion that there is a continuation beyond death and thus it is less fearful. My point is that those who embrace their deaths as just being that, slipping into nothingness, have no fear of it. Why worry about it? Existence will cease and whatever one thought or would hope would happen just ends.

                • Keyra

                  It’s not what I “want” to believe, it’s what I do believe. If I chose to believe what I “want” to, I’d be a Messianic Jew (no concept of Hell). Reality is neither sugar-coated, nor pointless. “It’s the fear of death’s finality that keeps some clinging to the notion that there is a continuation beyond death and thus it is less fearful.”, that’s one conclusion (and may be true for some), not the only one. Being too-good-to-be-true doesn’t make it any less true. “Existence will cease and whatever one thought or would hope would happen just ends.”, again, a conclusion

                • Svelaz

                  A conclusion that no one knows is certain. None.

              • cary_w

                Four days a week, I spend a significant portion of my day helping disabled children learn how to better communicate with world around them. While I may be forgotten when I die, I refuse to believe that the work I have done will be forgotten. These children will go on to have lives of their own, to interact with others and touch other lives. The skills they learned in school will go with them. I may not be remembered as someone important and famous, but I know I have helped a few people have a better life, and they will go on to help a few more people have a better life, and that’s enough for me.

          • Gus

            According to Hagee, and most Christians, an open mind won’t save you from eternal damnation, only active belief will.

            As for convenient, what’s convenient about life just ending with only one chance? That’s how it works for trees, bacteria, fruit flies, pigs, dogs, why not humans? No, there’s not final judgment, no eternal peace, no reckoning. It would be awfully convenient if there were and it were done by the one out of hundreds of possible gods you happen to believe in and who promises eternal salvation just for that belief, wouldn’t it?

            • Keyra

              “No, there’s not final judgment, no eternal peace, no reckoning.”, try proving it. Btw grass, plants, weeds, etc. die but grow back once more. Death being the end of it all (humans and animals alike) is not an observed fact but only an opinion. The soul is transcendent to the physical world so it’s easy to assume naturalism does the thinking for us.

              • Svelaz

                Humans also die, and also are born. You can’t prove final judgment either. An unbeliever has just as much uncertainty about death as a believer they both really don’t know, but one tries to convince itself that it does. That is the only distinction.

                • Keyra

                  That’s one reason I don’t take Gnostic atheists seriously

                • Svelaz

                  Gnostic atheists is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a Gnostic Atheist. There are Gnostics and there are Atheists. Gnostics believe there is a deity involved. Atheists believe there is nothing involved.

                • Gus

                  I’m pondering this. I think you raise a good point, but the gnostic/agnostic terminology is so mixed up already. Is capital G Gnostic specific to the religious belief and small g gnostic the opposite of agnostic? Does it really make sense to apply the word “gnostic” in any sense to an atheist, though many do, since the word essentially means knowledge of god(s)? I for one do not consider myself to know for certain whether a god or an afterlife exists, but I consider it so unlikely that it would be perverse not to give provisional acceptance to the opposite position. I’m as convinced of the absence of god and an afterlife as I am that vaccines are safe and effective, that the sun will rise tomorrow and that everyone else still exists even when they’re out of my sight, in short, that there is an objective reality.

                • Neko

                  What is a gnostic atheist? I’m intrigued!

                • Feminerd

                  Gnostic means you know, and agnostic means you don’t know. Most atheists are agnostic atheists- they don’t believe in gods, but they don’t know for sure that there aren’t any. Most theists are gnostic theists- they believe in god(s) and they are 100% sure god(s) exist.

                  To add extra special confusion, there was a sect of Christians called the Gnostics. They got wiped out pretty early on in Christianity’s history and are considered heretics, but some of their writing survived and is of considerable interest to religious scholars.

                • Neko

                  Thank you for the reply. I’m aware of the Christian gnostics but have lately encountered more unfamiliar uses of the word “gnostic.” Since I associate gnosticism with ancient Christian gnostics, their aspirations to divinity and rejection of the material world, Keyra’s reference to “Gnostic atheists” really threw me for a loop.

                • Feminerd

                  You’re welcome. Hopefully Keyra’s response makes more sense now!

                • Gus

                  Yet you’re so certain you’ve encountered one.

              • smrnda

                Please present me with evidence for this ‘soul.’ If it exists, it should be able to be measured. Burden of proof rests on the person making the claim.

              • cary_w

                Plants that appeared dead and grew back were not dead, they were dormant. Plants and animals produce seeds or eggs that grow into new plants and animals that re-plentiful the Earth after they die, thus creating an ongoing circle of life. Death is clearly an observable fact, while the exact moment of death can be difficult to see, and many plant and animal can mimic death, the half-eaten deer carcass on the side of the road is dead, the deer running through the woods is alive. How is that not an observable fact?

              • Gus

                Proving it? Like a mathematical proof? All of the available evidence and laws of physics make it very unlikely. No one has ever observed or recorded an after life (and even if I choose to believe the accounts of NDEs, they still wouldn’t be compelling unless you find me someone who’s spent weeks dead instead of a few hours). So the positive claim, and the more unlikely claim, is the one that requires evidence. There is none for an afterlife. Much less for any particular afterlife. So I’ll note yet again, it’s funny how everyone thinks the deciding factors on getting into the good afterlife are the ones on which they themselves will be judged well. Find me a religious person who doesn’t believe they’re getting into heaven. Yet by simple math, most of them must be wrong. That’s way more convenient than not believing.

            • Keyra

              But since you’re so sure there’s just this one life, then why are you wasting it talking about God, who you think does not exist? As an atheist, every minute counts; just live

              • Svelaz

                I didn’t say I was sure, but I treat it as such anyways. Anyone can talk about God whether one believes it exists or not just as anyone can talk about bigfoot whether one believe it exists or not.

              • cary_w

                It is not a waste of time to help other people.

              • Gus

                Who says I’m not living? You should save this comment for when you are ready to acknowledge you’ve lost, because that’s what it is, an acknowledgement that you’ve got no argument. Religion, as you know, has played a significant role in historical and current events. I find it rather fascinating. It entertains me to think about it, analyze it, and critique it. I also think it’s important because the core lesson that religion teaches is that truth, right and wrong, and ever kind of decision, are best arbitrated by an authority figure. It is, at the core, a logical fallacy, and one that leads people today to terrible decisions that are harmful to others and justified by the writings of long dead Middle Eastern goat herders. I think that criticizing that, and pondering why so many of my fellow people still believe it, is a worthwhile thing to do with my life. Not believing in god doesn’t mean I’m not well aware that other people do, that it affects me, and that the world is full of religions that do real things to real people with real money for bad reasons. Yup, every minute counts. But I spend some of them working, some of them (not enough) sleeping, some of them playing with my kids, and some of them just playing Plants versus Zombies. Seems like this is at least as good a use of my time as video games or television.

          • wmdkitty

            Au contraire — if this is all we get, we have every reason to make it worthwhile, not just for ourselves, but for those who will come after us; our children, our grandchildren, they will inherit this planet, and I want to leave them something worth having.

          • smrnda

            I don’t see why. Meaning is subjective, it is manufactured by people. Things only matter if they matter to someone – people are still amazed by the pyramids and still want to go see them even long after their makers and the pharaohs have been dead. No god required at all.

            In fact, I think the existence of a god like the Xtian god makes life meaningless. The god is a dictator with ultimate power. It makes the model for the universe North Korea.

          • cary_w

            I find your view on life to be incredibly sad. Do you really believe that without God, your accomplishments will be so easily forgotten? That your family will not remember you and cherish those memories after you’re gone? Surely you have touched the lives of all the people around you and they are thankful to have known you. You are not alone, Keyra, you are part of a family and a community that appreciates all the help and kindness you give to others. The people whose lives you touch today will remember you, your family will remember you for generations to come, the work you are doing today will be remembered and people of the future will build upon the accomplishments you achieved. That’s what will be left after you die. It is precisely because there is no afterlife that each life has meaning. You have one chance to make your mark on the world, it’s up to you to decide what that mark will be. Will you raise children who will become the next generation? Will you help to heal the sick? Will you clean hotel rooms so travelers have a place to spend the night? All of these things are meaningful and important and meaningful to our society. No one is unimportant and insignificant, even if all you ever did in your life was make one person smile, that’s enough, that tiny bit of joy made the world a better place, and that joy will live on after you’re gone.

          • baal

            I’m with the other many replies to you keyra. Your worldview is depressing. There is a ton of good things to do here on earth in the short time we’re alive.

          • Cyrus Palmer

            And it’s far better to believe what we wish to be true than what is actually true, right?

        • Pitabred

          Valuable things, when plentiful, become much less valuable or precious. Streets of gold? Awesome! If you had them here, where gold is scarce. But… there was a time when salt was very rare and valuable, too. Now it’s plentiful, and so its value has plummeted with the easy access. (as an aside, I’d love to live forever, but not in a place like that. On my terms only, not the zombism of perpetual worship that’s described in the Bible. Even if I’d “done everything”, that just means I could make new things to do ;) )

          I don’t think he’s thought it all the way through. Which is a shocker to this entire community, I know.

        • Karen

          Sadly, what you are saying is that you are choosing hell. Those are the two choices that you have. Please read the Bible to get a good picture of what heaven will be like. The Bible says that eye hath not seen nor ear hath not heard what God has prepared for those who love Him. I would also read 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Weise. After reading that, you may think about where you will want to spend eternity.

          • Gus

            Many atheists have read the Bible. Probably most. Frankly, Heaven sounds awful. What I find interesting is that you think that it’s a matter of choice and that you think there are only two options.

            As to the first, I don’t believe. There’s no choice not to believe, I’ve followed the evidence and the logic and arrived at a position of non-belief. Fortunately, this relieves me of the fear of hell and makes religious threats of judgment rather anemic anyway, but if I were still wavering, as I once was, and decided to choose to believe because I was afraid I might go to hell otherwise, would that be real belief? Would it get me into heaven/out of hell? I find in the Christian theology that it is almost uniformly believed that God knows the inner workings of the heart/mind. He would know that I have no real faith, but simply go along out of fear of punishment or desire for reward. What do you think of a God that would grant me eternal reward for that? No, I don’t think it’s a choice at all.

            As for the two options, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands. Even if we simply take the handful of most popular religions in the world, you are choosing to believe one book and one set of authorities, while Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists all have different claims. Let alone all the sects of Christianity. What if you’re wrong? What if Muslims are right? Or Jews? Or Hindus? What if you you go to hell for not proclaiming Mohammed as the prophet of Allah? Or are reincarnated as an untouchable in deepest poverty in India for not believing in Krishna?

            Just so you know, your comment is simply a variation on Pascal’s Wager, a famous, and rather weak, argument for belief. My comment is pretty much my version of the standard refutations of Pascal’s Wager. Try to find something new, even most serious religious apologists now reject Pascal’s Wager for the reasons I’ve laid out.

      • smrnda

        I don’t think a street lined with gold would be that great to walk on. The writers of Revelation were not civil or structural engineers.

      • Divizna

        Isn’t it maybe derived from “litter”?

    • katiehippie

      Thank bob that the 50′s era of thought is going away.

      • Svelaz

        It’s going away…….kicking and screaming.

    • Karen

      He preaches right from the Bible unlike other preachers. How can he be off? I commend him greatly for preaching it like it is. He isn’t afraid to preach Jesus, the cross, sin., repentance, heaven and hell. God bless him for speaking about the very soon return of Jesus which is a topic that many others avoid. One of these days, he will be gone with millions of other Christians when Jesus returns for His followers. It’s too much for people to handle what he says? Wait until after the rapture, then people will see about what is too much to handle. You don’t have to listen to him if you don’t agree, but don’t criticize an anointed man of God.

  • David McNerney

    I’d love to see a Turing like test done on these guys – I bet they couldn’t tell an atheist from a Christian.

    • Pitabred

      Or their ass from a hole in the ground…

  • Gus

    I’m sure the reverend would say those are all degenerate artists, not great ones. Now Thomas Kinkade, that’s probably Hagee’s idea of great art.

    • Holytape

      I gave you a thumbs up, but I still feel dirty up-voting a comment that had the words “Thomas Kinkade” and “great art” in the same sentence.

  • Justin Miyndees

    Nice suit Johnny boy. Big & Tall shop? Where’d you get the cash? It weren’t from “the FOOLS!” now was it?

  • Neko

    Ha ha, good show!

    Now I’m off to the woods.

  • Greg Peterson

    Wrong on several fronts. First, Christianity has never done those things, either, thought Christians might have. In other words–people. People do stuff. Ideologies do not do stuff. Second, yes, atheism has comforted some people–those who were certain, for example, that a loved one was burning in hell and now realize how idiotic that is. And third, if he had met the atheists I know, he would be–or should be–so ashamed of his bigoted caricature. I go to a couple different atheist book clubs, and around those tables sit pharmacists, speech pathologists, teachers, computer programmers, doctors, ex-pastors, marketing executives, lawyers, and full-time parents. Not at all the lunatics he’s trying to paint. Dull people. Good people. Painfully sane people, skeptical even of their skepticism. Hagee is an ass. In everthing he has proved himself an ass, but in this, he is the assest of asses.

  • CdAHumanist

    half-human, half-stripper, half-wolf

    Sounds like my wife. And, yes, she is pretty fucking rad.

  • JackieTrinity

    I think Reverend Hagee would have an aneurism if he ever found out how well we atheists are able to blend in with the Christians in our society. It’s probably comforting for him to believe that we’re all New Age crystal gazing tree hugging Wiccan Satan worshipers.

  • Jasper

    Remember that time when we prayed SmallPox away?

    Oh, right.

  • Holytape

    Dear Hemant,

    Please use the Hagee’s full quote. The way you have quoted him makes it sound like he was inferring that atheists are some sort of mythological creatures. That is not true. Here is the full quote:

    “That’s why they start hugging trees. That’s why they start staring into crystals, joining cults, running into the woods, ripping off their shirts, baying at the moon, because it’s something intellectual people do when they get frustrated. Oh, Jacob, I understand your frustration. But you don’t need to feel it. You were and will always will be too good for that Bella. That hussy. Let that indecisive harlot go to sparkle boy. What you need is a big strong preacher, to hold you and keep your taut shirtless body warm in the cool moon lit night. Oh, Jacob….”

    As you can plainly see the quote wasn’t about atheist, but it was John Hagee admitting that he is and always will be on “Team Jacob.”

    • wmdkitty

      Still a better love story than “Twilight”. (Damn, that’s a low bar!)

    • Todd Heath

      I had to google “Team Jacob” because this post initially went way over my head.

      Brilliant using a Twilight reference. I have never seen Twilight. So please, don’t take my gay card from me! I’ve earned it other ways, I promise!

    • Randay

      Unfortunately a spelling error occurred which I can’t impute to the preacher not having seen his written text:

      “Atheism has never given anyone piece of mind. Atheism has never dried a tear.”

      I have given believers a piece of my mind. The flock in the church didn’t look very brain alive. Other points:

      – What does the preacher think about art dedicated to other gods like Zeus, Athena, Apollo, etc., just from the Greeks?
      – Guess who believes in anything? You have to to believe that 3=1, meaning the Trinity is One god. It’s like a store sale where you buy one and you get two for free.

  • Eric Moody

    Ugh that video is so frustrating, I really think I’m gonna have to run out to the woods for a bit. Damn, it’s so cold though! But an atheist-werewolf-stripper has gotta get some relief for all that frustration you know.

  • Guillaume Bérubé

    You know I agree. Atheism never healed a disease. No sane person has ever claimed it has. Atheism is just an idea. Humans cure disease write or paint art and do all those magnificent things it can do. What atheism does is strip the part where you don’t give credit to the right people because John’s god or anyone else’s has never done any of those things either and his inhability to see is the real tragedy. As for the tree hugging, we should all hug a tree to thank them for allowing us to be alive.

  • Natashe Hway

    Sure Hagee’s met atheists – he just didn’t know it – for one, maybe they had their shirts on.

  • giantcatbear99

    “atheism has never painted a masterpiece”

    Ah, that old chestnut. “Atheism” doesn’t have the kind of money it takes to pay for a Sistine Chapel ceiling painting unfortunately…

    • Feminerd

      Not to mention I’m pretty sure Jackson Pollock, at the very least, wasn’t very religious. Someone may not like pop art, but he was the creator of a whole new genre of art and a master at making it.

  • wmdkitty

    There’s no “running through the woods” here, primarily due to a lack of accessible woodland and the fact that I’m on wheels. But I’m down with the tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping, and pot smoking.

    • cary_w

      There are plenty of ways to enjoy the essence of “running through the woods” without actually having to be able to run. My uncle comes out here almost every winter to sit-ski with the help of the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah, and we recently went to a fundraiser for Splore, a local organization that does guided outdoor adventure trips (mostly river rafting) for people with disabilities. Maybe there’s something like that in your area? It’s definitely worth it to get out in the woods, even if it’s just to hug a few trees and howl at the moon!

  • ShhhImReading

    I pass his church nearly every day. Maybe I could get a moment of his time…

  • m6wg4bxw

    Amen, Sr. Hagee. Preach for all to hear. Your silly words say more than you know.

  • paulalovescats

    He needs to be cured of a disease. Gluttony.

  • smrnda

    Actually, atheism does help heal diseases by telling people not to trust charlatans and quacks who call themselves ‘faith healers’ and by exposing them as frauds.

    On art masterpieces, seriously, from the early 20th century onward how much great art and literature was mostly secular or atheist in outlook, and how much of it is Xtian? Xtian “literature” is pretty much what, the Left Behind series and sanitized pastiches of other people’s work? What about all the people who find happiness and contentment without god, and who certainly feel life without the Xtian god is better than life with?

    • 3lemenope

      You’re certainly right that the stranglehold that Christianity has had historically on great art is almost entirely due to the patronage of the church; shockingly enough, artists who desire to eat make art that pleases (most of) the prejudices of their customers. When the stranglehold was broken, everyone else in the Western world showed themselves rather predictably to be just as adept at writing great stories and painting great images as Christians.

      I mostly disagree on the latter part, though, but then again my definition of Christian Art is art which has as its subject some element or story of Christian mythology, not necessarily one that most Christian believers would appreciate or approve of. For example, The Last Temptation of Christ (both the book and the film) to me is a squarely Christian Art piece that many if not most Christians outright loathe. I think there is much aesthetic and narrative mileage to be made from playing with tropes that until recently have been stultified by being associated with an object of worship. The cool thing about good art is that it almost accidentally tends to dethrone the ideological pretensions of its subject in pursuit of aesthetic ambitions.

      My significant other and I were just this morning watching the trailer for Aronofsky’s newest effort, Noah. It’s about exactly what you might suspect. And it looks good. The only thing that bothered both of us is not what the film would be (if it is good, a fun action-packed fantasy adventure story), but by how many Christians would not be able to help ruining everyone’s fun by insisting that we have to believe the story was true and historical, too. Stop visiting my willing suspension of disbelief, you killjoys! :)

      EDIT: An example of great art playing with tropes accidentally tweaking the nose of orthodoxy even when the orthodoxy was pretty powerful is Millais’ “Christ in the House of His Parents”.

      • Captain Cassidy

        I liked “Prince of Egypt.” And I hear “Noah” sounds pretty good. Depending on how its makers pull back on that “ZOMG IT’S ALL REAL YOU GUYS” throttle, it could be decent.

  • Matthew Baker

    Hagee and his ilk are lumpers when it comes to decrying his favorite boogeymen –any philosophy that isn’t a narrow literalist interpretation of ancient middle eastern religious texts. Subtle and nuanced isn’t what he is going for. While many of these philosophies are related to each other they are not the same thing. Atheism =/= Humanism =/= Secularism =/= Satanism =/= Nihilism =/= Werewolfism =/= Paganism =/= Wiccan =/= and what ever else I am forgetting.

  • Elizabeth Black

    “Athiest,” you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Rain

    No talking to that guy. Possibly the most hard-headed person in the universe. One thing you’ll never see him do is debate someone. He’s in too much of a bubble to step out of it for one second.

  • James Nimmons

    The first time religion heals something ..they can get a million bucks from james randi.. soo.. still waiting.

  • milwaukeeprogressiveexaminer

    Well if Ray Comfort can pretend be an expert on atheists, why not Hagee?

  • Ton_Chrysoprase

    Religion never opened a bottle of beer and toothache never drove a car… All true statements.

  • Joy G

    I love that he is so bad at reading the teleprompter. When you’re pulling stuff out of your ass, do you really need notes?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Sure, atheism has never cured a disease, but neither has religion. Science is the thing that should get credit for curing diseases.

  • Todd Thompson

    Hagee is the modern day Jerry Falwell. However, it is a fact that
    resorting to prayer over medical attention, which many parents have
    done, has caused the death of many young children when they could have
    been saved.

  • Rain

    The Bible says: “The fool hath said in his heart ‘There is no God’.”

    It also says right after that, “The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.”

    Yeah we all know the answer was a big hell no.[1] Which means that everyone is an atheist. QED.

    [1]They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

    EDIT: provided the citation for the big hell no. (Yeah, that great flood sure worked pretty good didn’t it?)

  • cary_w

    … because it’s something intellectual people do when they get frustrated.

    I don’t usually rip my shirt off and I haven’t joined any cults, but I have to admit I’m guilty of the rest! Hugging trees: Awesome! Did you know ponderosas smell like vanilla! Staring into crystals: does having a collection of mineral specimens and spending hours in the Geology museum at my kids college count? Running into the woods: great exercise, highly recommended. Baying at the moon: one of the most fricken awesome, awe-inspiring, I’d go as far to say spiritual, things I’ve ever done in the wilderness is start howling at the moon when we heard some coyotes in the distance and have them answer back. Nothing will make you feel more like an integral part of the biosphere and the whole web of life on this awesome planet than having a coyote answer your call, truly amazing! Yes, these are things intellectual people do when they get frustrated with modern life and want to re-charge and refresh their lives, get back in touch with nature, enjoy this amazing and beautiful world we live in! Except for the joining cults, this guy might be onto something! Now I’m thinking I really need to rip my shirt off more often!

    • Captain Cassidy

      Now I want to hug a ponderosa to see if they really smell like vanilla.

      • cary_w

        You should definitely try it, if you every have the chance! It’s pretty subtle, so you have to actually hug that tree and get your nose right up to the bark, but it really is a beautiful mix of pine and vanilla. Ponderosas are amazing trees, out here (southern Utah) they can reach heights of over 100 feet while pretty much growing out of solid rock, don’t know how they do it!

        • Captain Cassidy

          I ain’t that far away from that area of the country–thanks for the tip!

  • Lori F

    Hello Pleasantville? You seem to have lost one of your own.

  • Matt Potter

    I guess by stating that ‘atheism has never healed a disease’ he means that religion has. How much do you want to wager the next time Mr. Hagee requires medical attention he makes a trip to the doctor and doesn’t try his hand in faith healing.

  • Fractal Heretic

    He’s right, atheism has never healed a disease. Neither did a-crystal-staring or a-tree-hugging or a-moon-baying. In fact, not doing something doesn’t do much at all. A-theism only means that our minds are no longer shackled, and that allows us to think more clearly. That alone doesn’t cure diseases, but it is a good place to start. Quit praying and trying to cast out demons, and do something useful.

  • Sapphire Possible

    As an agnostic, I am healthier, happy, smarter, and more balanced than ever. This is the way it was meant to be.

  • Sapphire Possible

    How many atheists or agnostics have mass murdered in the name of anything?

  • Sapphire Possible

    People have used the concept of Gods to control other people and to make sense of the natural world they didn’t understand.

  • Brian T Hall

    Pastor John Hagee probley met an atheist in his life with out even knowing it… there are not just atheist in the fox holes but in the closets of the houses of Christianity.. John may have met a nice trance gender Skeptic humanist at the grocery store who helped him find a food he could not find with out even knowing it. There are technology John Hagee probley used that were invented from a lot of Atheist, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Agnostics, humanist and apatheist, that he is not aware of..

  • Jim Jones

    > … if you think it’s all gonna burn, anyway, when Jesus returns.

    What if Jesus comes back and makes us put it all back the way it was?

    • Ophis

      “I’ve only been gone for a couple of millenia. How much damage can they have — OH SHIT!”

  • jdm8

    He lives under the delusion that prayer can heal diseases, so I can see how he thinks his plan is better.

  • DougI

    With Cruz, Hagee and the other fundy bigots screaming about Atheism it’s pretty clear they’re scared since they see the way America is going.

  • Pofarmer

    Religion has certainly stood in the way of plenty of cures.

  • Roshan Menon

    I’m an atheist. At night I run into the woods,turn into a werewolf and bay at the moon, cursing the fact that atheism has never cured anything. Then I hug trees and debate philosophy with them.

    • Captain Cassidy

      But do you wear your special healing crystals? If you forget them, you know you lose your atheist card and have to return the toaster you got when you joined.

  • Aspieguy

    I generally don’t mind what people believe as long as they keep it too themselves. However, when clergy proclaim their poisonous beliefs from the pulpit, I get very angry. I encountered many stupid and uninformed beliefs during my brief stint in the Calvary Chapels. Nearly everything was evil to them: Harry Potter books, Lord of the Rings books, wallets with chains, etc. ad nauseum. I discovered the pastor never allowed his children to watch the Wizard of Oz because it featured witches. Witches lead people to practice witchcraft. Who knew? Personally, I wouldn’t mind ruling my own country of dwarves and own a fleet of flying monkeys. Hagee is only part of the greater insanity in Jesusland.

  • usclat

    Hagee has most certainly met and Atheist. He met me. Once. About 13 years ago, I met with Hagee and his son at the Cornerstone Church in the Sonterra area of North San Antonio. What an experience! This father-and-son duo is obnoxious, arrogant and gluttons to no end. I was pitching a business idea with a business partner whose wife was a member of the Hagee church. It was lunch time and the pastor duo were hungry. They called out for ribs at a rib restaurant on the same property as Cornerstone. (Tom’s Ribs, I believe … I haven’t lived in San Antonio since 2001).

    Well, the ribs were delivered and they (father and son) began a systematic annihilation of that pork. And there was a lot of it! Funny thing is … they never offered us any. None. As we pitched the idea, they ate. It was, to say the least, macabre and sickening.

    So the Hagi have met an Atheist. Oh, they both flipped when I told them that I was a non-believer (my exact word).

    Needless to say, we didn’t get any investment from them. Good.

  • Camorris

    It is encouraging to see Hagee ranting against atheists like this. It goes to show that we are growing in numbers too great to ignore, and we pose a threat to his financial empire.

  • Robster

    Look at the size of his audience! Is there nothing else to do in the US on Sundays or at least something more productive than sitting in huge hall listening to nonsense?

    • ShoeUnited

      The rest of us watch football.

  • drhoward53

    Everyone needs something to believe in – I believe Pastor Hagee might be clinically insane, well at least – inane.

  • Bex124 .


    • JohnnieCanuck

      His shill in the audience started it and then the sheep followed along behind.

      The sheering started soon after and thus the good pastor could afford a huge rack of lamb that evening, symbolically speaking.

  • Dr. Heath Motley

    He’s 100% correct. A non-belief never healed anything lol. Fucking idiot.

  • Captain Cassidy

    I wonder if anybody in the audience heard that and began wondering just how many people have been verified to have been cured by religion? It was realizing that there’s never been a credible, verified divine healing that began my journey out of religion.

  • Edan Burg

    My head hurts

  • Benjamin Brcina

    “atheism has never painted a masterpiece” WELL ESCUSE ME BITCH but Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were both atheists

    • Artor

      And Picasso, Matisse & Monet, if I remember correctly.

  • RevEggplant
  • busterggi

    Trees are for pissing on to mark one’s territory, not for hugging. Hagee knows nothing.

  • guest

    I stare into crystals cuz they’re sparkly.

  • Lark62

    “Atheism has never cured a disease” Wow. If science falls under atheism, which I imagine it does in his mind, please explain the elimination of smallpox, the increased curability of many cancers, the near elimination of polio, tb, etc. etc. etc.

  • StevesWeb

    It’s true, atheism never cured a disease. Red balloons never mutate into bicycles either.

  • Sam Hillis

    The vast majority of scientists that come up for cures and vaccinations for diseases and other ailments are atheists. Plenty of atheists have painted masterpieces. This man’s ignorance is emblematic of what is wrong with hardcore religious fanatics, they have such a warped view of what the majority of atheists are really like.

  • Randy Oftedahl

    What’s wrong with tree hugging? Also, just in case people are not aware, there are also Christians who ” can tell you how much peace of mind they have knowing there’s no hell awaiting them or vengeance-seeking God watching them at all times”. Watch for generalizations always.

  • squinney

    Religion has NEVER healed, but Science HAS.

  • Mark

    They keep counting people who were born in to religions and had no alternative. If you went against a religion you were burned alive. We do not know what was in these people’s hearts as far as religion. It was the only game in town. Again the religious using the bible to say the bible is true. I am sure they are saying their jesus character cured people to prove their religion is true. Jesus proving that Jesus is true again. The circular logic is mind numbing.

  • cptbob

    And Pastor John Hagee is grain-fed:

    (Matthew 5:22) – “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.”

    Revelation 21:8 – “…and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

  • collisionbend

    Of course, to prove his “point,” he bears false witness against atheists and deists. Hypocrite.

  • Sample1

    The fool has said in his heart there is no god. -Yahweh

    Nice ad hom. No compelling argument for your existence I take it? You resort to name calling? Ha!


  • Chad Phriday

    Forget Hagee. If I want to express my kinship with nature by hugging trees and running through parks imitating other animals, I will do so regardless of anyone’s fairy tale based attitudes and prejudices.

  • TcheQ

    Christianity doesn’t heal amputees or cerebral palsy. Nice discrimination there.

    • Feminerd

      Wait, Christianity does heal amputees or cerebral palsy? That’s new. Can you back up that assertion with evidence?

      • wmdkitty

        Considering the fact that neither condition is, in any way, able to be “healed”….

  • Greg G.

    Atheism has cured many people of the disease called theism.

  • Karen

    It really doesn’t matter what certain people think of John Hagee. The important thing is that he is a servant of God and preaches the whole truth unlike many other preachers. God bless him for telling it the way it is. When he gets to heaven, God will say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” We only need God’s approval, not man’s.

    • Camorris

      Karen, by your postings here, I make an assumption that you are a true believer and will be admitted into Christian Heaven. I would be interested to hear what you expect to be doing there after passing through the “Pearly Gates”. This is a subject never discussed in depth.

  • Michael

    From the dialog above,
    “Atheists everywhere can tell you how much peace of mind they have knowing there’s no hell awaiting them or vengeance-seeking God watching them at all times.”

    Well, there is a hell and God is not a “vengeance-seeking God” and if you believe that He is, then you have been seriously deceived and have no clue what He is really like.
    True believing Christians know that their God is a loving God and they “never have to worry” about hell, because they know that hell has been defeated for them. Christians have a indescribable peace that can come only from knowing God.
    God is a gentleman and will not force His will on you, but He will invite you to know Him and He will embrace you as His loving child.
    It doesn’t matter where you have come from or what you have done, God is seeking a relationship with you and will forgive “any” sincere and repentant heart… Try it, just ask Him to let you know if He is real and He will answer you in a way that will astound you.
    What do you have to lose? Time is getting short, don’t put it off!
    If God was a vengeance seeking God and was in the habit of forcing His will on us, then people would fear Him as an ogre. Christians only fear Him out of reverence for His magnificent power and we have the blessed assurance that He is on our side.
    If after hearing about Him, you don’t make the effort to know Him, then yes, you should fear Him and yes, you will go to Hell which is a very real place and no, you don’t want to take that chance.
    God’s own people will not be going there.
    “Eternity” Will it be heaven or hell, the choice is yours!

    • Camorris

      So, Michael, as requested from Karen above, how about detailing for us what you expect to be doing for eternity in Christian Heaven.

    • Nemo

      “Well, there is a hell”

      Evidence please. And don’t give me near death experiences, or I will offer up near death experiences which “prove” Islam or Hinduism.

      “God is not a “vengeance-seeking God””
      Does Yahweh believe infinite torture for thought crime is holy justice? Jesus says yes.

      “True believing Christians know that their God is a loving God and they “never have to worry” about hell, because they know that hell has been defeated for them.”

      Oh, how nice. The testimony of numerous former and current Christians who did and do suffer anxiety because of the doctrine of Hell can be dismissed as not being true Scotschristians. How convenient.

      “True believing Christians know that their God is a loving God”

      As long as Yahweh doesn’t mind rape you into sinning because he wants to glorify himself by punishing you, as he allegedly did to Pharaoh.

      “God is a gentleman and will not force His will on you, but He will invite you to know Him and He will embrace you as His loving child.

      Wrong. Romans 3:11 makes it clear that nobody seeks Yahweh. Only those elected to be “saved” will be saved. Everyone else must suffer.

      “Christians have a indescribable peace that can come only from knowing God.”

      If you are willing to disregard the millions of non Christians, whether atheist or otherwise, who are at peace, that makes sense. Also, you must disregard the overwhelming majority of Christians who have felt at peace for centuries, since they have a different view of Yahweh than you do. This next sentence doesn’t apply to you as far as I know, but many end times fanatics insist they too are at peace while reacting to any news story with agony and begging Jesus to destroy the world.

      “God is seeking a relationship with you”


      ” Try it, just ask Him to let you know if He is real and He will answer you in a way that will astound you.”

      If any sort of supernatural being wishes to reveal themselves to the world, there are infinite ways to do so. For example, if a large public gathering were interrupted by angels appearing and screaming “worship Jesus or burn!”, that would prove Christianity to be true. Interestingly enough, the only supernatural evidence of anything is unverified claims made in regions which lack in education and the ability to debunk hoaxes.

      “What do you have to lose?”

      Pascal’s Wager, eh? Tell me: are you aware of what Pascal’s Wager is, and how thoroughly refuted it has been? I’m not even going to bother answering this, I’ll just post a Youtube video which does it better than I could:

      “Time is getting short, don’t put it off!”

      Is it just me, or is this phrase usually attached to scams? Don’t think about it, do it now, before its too late!

      “Will it be heaven or hell, the choice is yours!”

      I quite agree, there is a choice. But it’s not the one you describe. We can either evaluate claims and the world we live in critically and to the best of our ability. Or, we can throw up our hands and fall back on a common and sugar coated Wild Mass Guess. If we receive some supernatural punishment for the first choice, is that really a relationship you should want anyway?

  • Pastor_Of_Muppets

    Of course Atheism hasn’t healed any disease, atheism is a concept, not a tangible being or force beyond metaphorical

  • paulsilvan

    Seriously??? Go snort some anthrax and I’ll pray for you. Let’s see how that works out for you!


    Misplaced concretism is apparently a habit of mind with this man.

  • Joshua Pierce

    Did he just say that atheism leads to being a pagan? Because it sure sounds like he was hinting that way.