The Palin-Pope Twitter War

Enjoy the (fictional) Twitter war between Pope Francis and Sarah Palin — as documented on tonight’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”:

My favorite part:

The fake Palin tweeted back, “Bring back Pope Benedict!” to which the Pope said, “You WOULD prefer the one who quit in office.”

(via Mediaite)

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  • Peter Packiam

    Thanks for sharing……Brilliant…..Cheers to that

  • Cake

    I’m glad they said it was fake.
    I couldn’t tell the difference if it was Poe or Palin.

  • Korry DeAndre Shepard

    HAHAHA! I love Bill Maher, he usually tells it how it is mostly.

  • newavocation

    It’s all about ratings and dollars. I’m ready for the cage match.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Aw, but I want to see the crusade and mini-head explosion that Donohue would go through when it came down between supporting the pope and supporting that is more vocal in supporting his views.

  • joe

    et tu, Hemant?? that fuckin idiot Palin will NEVER go away if you keep talking about her! way to give that idiot what she wants by mentioning her name. :/

    ignore her and she’ll go away. resist the urge to mention her, EVEN THOUGH doing so means lots of sweet, sweet, webpage hits. Do humanity a solid, dude, and just STOP talking about her, ESPECIALLY joking about her. just stop. please.

    • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

      We don’t want her to go away. She’s a walking, talking, liberal/Democrat recruitment campaign! Nothing we say about conservatives could be more damning to them than just handing her a microphone!

      • Thiriel

        Walking, yes. Talking, ehhh. To be able to talk, you have to understand what you’re saying; this is why parrots are called mimics, even though they can say things that to a human sound like a coherent sentence.

        They need someone to teach them one phrase at a time, whenever they try to create a new sentence out of words they already know, they just end up with a hilarious word salad

  • StevesWeb

    “Quit while in office” Ms Palin deserved that one.

  • baal

    Nope. Maher was unfunny on this one. I cannot get behind faked imaginings of humiliation of your political or identity group enemies. It fails as sarcasm for me.