Kickstarter Animation Project Looking For $27K To Produce More Of These Enjoyable, Accessible Videos About Evolution

Good stuff:

Bad stuff:

The team behind the above video works for a startup called Stated Clearly. You can find out more about the members and their goals here.

In a nutshell, their objective is to overcome the tendency of most people to “shut off” any learning and thinking about evolution. Stated Clearly identifies the three key factors in that popular rejection as a general lack of interest in science, the fact that evolution can be difficult to understand, and the perception that evolution is “offensive” (after all, some people get upset about being told we’re all related to monkeys, and many see evolution as a middle finger to religious beliefs).

The videos aim to address all of that. The accessibility of the four animated shorts the Stated Clearly team has already produced is beyond question — the gentle voiceovers, the droll little animated jokes, and the cleverly distilled-to-its-essence science are all designed to appeal to budding Darwin fans and longtime naysayers alike. Stated Clearly has plans to write and produce seventeen more videos, at a total cost of $27,000.

The company started raising the money through Kickstarter yesterday. This is what the team promises to do if the financial goal is met by December 20:

If your Festivus budget allows, consider kicking in some money in support of a smartenized, more rational world.

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