What Has Religion Done for Us This Month? Episode 12

Daniel is back with another montage of some of the awful things done in the name of God over the past month:

(via ConversationWithA)

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/chidy/ chicago dyke, TOWAN

    the x-country runner story is quite annoying. for several reasons. just give her a different number already, it’s just a piece of paper and i’m sure there were some left unused. i mean, i pity her for feeling so strongly that a number could be “evil,” but i sense administrative bs at work here, or someone seeking publicity at a young girl’s expense. this young girl may or may not ever mature out of superstition. but turning her into a news story like this was totally avoidable. i went to regionals and states all four years in HS, i remember how it works. just give her a different number and get her ass to the starting line. don’t make her a martyr.

  • Baffled By Faith

    You know, I’m and atheist and am completely in agreement with highlighting the problems caused by religion but I have to admit the title of the series is a bit disingenuous. It’s a little unfair to say that this is all that religion has done for the world this month without including any of the positive things being done in the name of religion during the same period. Perhaps they could just rename the series.

  • TheUnknownPundit

    I’m sure the things taught since an early age to those Muslim children had no bearing on how they view blasphemy laws.
    And as for the sex offending ministers, they offend because the Devil focuses on them as they were doing the most good for the Lord. Prior to their sinful transgression, of course.