Celebrating 50 Years of Humanism in ‘Doctor Who’

When I posted this back in July, the video was removed from YouTube shortly after. It’s back up now, hopefully for good!

Here’s a wonderful compilation celebrating 50 years of Humanism in “Doctor Who,” courtesy of Brandon Fibbs:

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  • https://twitter.com/WCLPeter Rob U

    Really difficult to enjoy the video when your eyes are all puffy and drippy, damn allergies. Yep, totally allergies.

  • Lydia

    Beautiful. Well done, you!

  • momtarkle

    There is a “Doctor Who” series currently being broadcast on DirecTV’s Channel 264 BBCAHD.

  • GodlessPoutine

    Fantastic! Super glad you found this! With a four-year old kid and house renovations up the ying yang I’ve dropped far far behind (Day of the Astronaut). So no spoilers until I catch up sometime in 2016!!

  • Mikko

    We wont get to see dr who 50 year celebration here and they stopped sending it a few years a go the only way is to pirate it.

  • Pattrsn

    Can’t watch the video for the moment due to bandwith, does it contain any of John Pertwee’s slick Venusian Karate moves?

  • Mario Coto

    I’m not gonna lie, I actually am getting misty eyed here. Brilliant video!

  • rufus_t

    He throws a couple of distinctly earthly punches, but he does manage to incapacitate a couple of humans and a sea devil.

    I did like the first speech, not strictly Doctor Who though (it’s half the final speech from the Torchwood episode Random Shoes).

  • Timothy McLean

    Of course it was taken down, it wasn’t the 50th anniversary yet.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    Hold on, something in my eye…

  • Jonni

    That was fantastic! Doctor Who is my favourite show of all time. I’m now raising my kids on a steady diet of it.. mwahaha…

  • Jacob

    Except they have a “Christmas” Special every year….. change that to New Year Special or Festive Special and remove references to the xtian religion, we’re good to go.

  • Mark Browne

    That’s because here in the UK we don’t generally care what it’s called. I’m an atheist, but I celebrate Christmas – just not in the same way that a Christian might.

  • TheUnknownPundit

    Shouldn’t the video be titled “Doctor Who: 50 Years of Gallifreyanism”? Just asking. And just kidding.
    I am somewhat surprised that the next Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi, who, like me, was born in 1958. Mr. Capaldi is certainly a bit older than the three actors that preceded him in the role. It will be interesting to see what direction the series and the character takes with the new lead.

  • Brandon Fibbs

    Actually, no. It is Who. It’s from the episode “Love and Monsters.”

  • Michael

    He puts a perfectly humanist meaning on it in A Christmas Carol, calling the numerous winter festivals all a reason to celebrate being halfway out of the darkness.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Great video, but not going to lie I was a tad disappointed by the 50th anniversary special.

  • rufus_t

    Argh, oops, you’re right.

    The Random Shoes quote is: “The average life is full of near misses and absolute hits, of great love and small disasters. It’s made up of loft insulation, banana milkshakes and random shoes. It’s dead ordinary and truly truly amazing.
    What you’ve got to realize is it’s all here, now, so breathe deep and swallow it whole, because take it from me, life just whizzes by. And then, all of a sudden it’s – “

  • Mikko


  • litesp33d

    OK. What are the Daleks favourite fruit?

    Answer: Apples?

    Think about it.

    Think about it.

    An apple a day…………

  • raerants

    That was beautiful!