The Atheist Version of the ‘Heaven is for Real’ Trailer

I know the “Heaven is for Real” trailer made you cringe…

… but Dusty Smith‘s version of the trailer is far more honest than the book or movie:

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  • JohnnieCanuck

    Atheists are cruel and heartless, mocking a small child and his loving father. 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Dusty Smith

    Awesome. Thanks Hemant!

    • Mario Strada

      Good job dusty. I am still trying to figure out how you did the sound. Good voice over, BTW.

  • Sherralyn Caylor

    Lol..yeah right

  • m6wg4bxw

    Of those I’ve tried to watch, this is the only one I could tolerate. I like his narrative.

  • babel_fish

    IF heaven was real, why would the father be mad his son was about to die…I mean, heaven is real and his son was about to be forever worshiping a petty and hateful go…oh yeah, nevermind.

  • Rusty Spell

    As I wrote in my article about the book, I don’t think Burpo was trying to make money: I think he was just stupid.

    • stabby_kat

      Can’t it be both?

      • EdmondWherever

        I’m picturing a homemade silver mylar balloon and a call to the media…

    • James Stevenson

      Long review but very insightful and entertaining read. I especially liked the pointing out of the authors hypocrisy of his son when he starts panicking at a funeral for the deceased’s soul. Sad thing is that’s how any adult believer with any shred of empathy should be acting like. As opposed to the almost psychotic shrugging of shoulders when you belief other people suffer for eternity just cos you think you’re gonna be rewarded so what do other people matter?
      On the matter of the miscarried baby showing up as a little girl in heaven, that doesn’t appear to be an uncommon belief. This Halloween here in the UK I was prodded into attending a hell house (not as prolific here in the UK but they do exist). I’ve never seen ludicrously hilarious and horrifically gory pulled off so well. But they had a section on abortions where they had a girl get pregnant, get an abortion reasonably early on, then be visited by a grown girl who would lecture her about ending her life. Because clearly theres a set age of above 11 for heaven you just jump to if you don’t last that long in life.

      • Rusty Spell

        Thanks, James.

      • litesp33d

        …then be visited by a grown girl who would lecture her about ending her life.

        As I understand it (according to xtian mythology) life is a test to see if you get the right to go to heaven. Heaven for eternity is the ultimate objective so why is the 11 year old child bellyaching. What is missing 10 – 100 years on Earth if you got the ultimate goal? Or is the spirit child saying actually Heaven is pretty shit and I would not have minded a few years on Earth even though 100 years compared to eternity if less than FA.

        • James Stevenson

          Preaching to the choir there. Mystified by it myself. Another bit of hypocrisy thing that Rusty covers pretty well in his review imo. All the talks about atheism leading to no meaning in this life… what meaning does religious teaching hold if the ultimate reward requires you die?

  • LesterBallard

    Still puzzled about Kinnear being in this.

    • baal

      Folks will do things for money.

      • LesterBallard

        Couldn’t have been too much money; I doubt if the movie had that large a budget.

        • Kevin_Of_Bangor

          Sony and TriStar are behind it. Money is not an issue for them.

    • Randy Meyer

      As Krusty the Clown once said, “They drove a dump truck full of money up to my house! I’m not made of stone!”

    • CanuckAmuck

      Maybe he needed the work. I just wish he could’ve found something more dignified than doing this movie…like busing tables at a Chucky Cheese, or something.

    • C Peterson

      My thinking, too. How could any self-respecting actor involve himself in such an embarrassing piece of tripe? I’ll certainly never look at him in the same way again.

  • KMR

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but I would love to ask this father one question. Did God do something that has absolutely no scriptural basis and in fact actually goes against much of what you’ve been told in scripture for the sole purpose of you making a ton of money? Because that seems to be the only tangible result of this whole thing unless those profits are going to charity.

  • dinky-filibuster

    heaven is real! but the only way to achieve or reach it is by getting away from all the creationists!

  • Travis Myers

    Even if Christianity were true, this story would make no sense. Why would a person go to heaven if they are almost dead? Is God too stupid to know whether or not a person has died for good?

    • Kevin_Of_Bangor

      According to others God seems to give some a choice to return.

  • Randy Meyer

    The thing that bugs me the most is how well this movie is going to do at the box office. Fox News will be talking about it for a long, long time.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    So old people become young but a fetus grows up and learns to speak English.

    Why are they also saying it is true story? It cannot be proven as true.

  • akshelby

    What I don’t get is if aborted babies go straight to heaven, then what’s the problem? Isn’t heaven a good place to end up? If they skipped all the suffering in this life and ended up in heaven, then abortion is a good thing, right?

    • Neko

      I think Catholic tradition consigns aborted babies to limbo (since they’re unbaptized), where they are denied the beatific vision. Though the notion is so preposterous that even the Catholic hierarchy downplays it.

      • Without Malice

        For several hundred years after Augustine the church taught that unbaptized children and infants went to hell. Normal people – as opposed to the degenerate Augustine – finally got sick of that and the teaching got changed.

        • Neko

          Thank you for mentioning this. Incredible.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    Quite off topic, but the YouTube link finished and gave a few other video choices. I found the one about Doctor Who: 50 Years of Humanism to be nicely done. This thing looks like it might imbed, sorry.

    carry on

  • Insanitydividedby0

    I died twice during my car accident, according to the medical professionals who rescued me, and I saw nothing. It was actually what cemented my atheism because when I woke up while I was trapped in the car I knew I was going to die and at that point I was sure of where I was going (into the ground). I’m not as afraid of death as I once was and I appreciate life so much more now that I know that this is it, it makes it a lot easier to live life to the fullest. I managed to learn how to walk again despite those who said I would never be able to do so. I suppose it wouldn’t make as good a movie if I tried to sell my story about seeing nothing and not begging god at what I thought were my final moments on this planet.

    • Neko

      Actually that’s a story worth telling and selling!

    • wialno28

      I would support such a film!

  • Mick

    That guy who pretended his kid was snatched into the air by a runaway balloon must be kicking himself – if only he had hired a decent PR team he could have made a fortune.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    You know what’s awesome about the original trailer? The fact that the supposedly pacifist turn the other cheek christians that made the movie think that violence is ok. I am talking specifically about the scene in the trailer where the dad is telling his daughter that he is going to teach her to punch without hurting her knuckles. Can’t you feel the love for your fellow man.