In Downtown Chicago, Near a Life-Size Nativity Scene, a Scarlet ‘A’ Goes Up Alongside an Atheist Banner

If you happen to visit the life-size Nativity Scene in downtown Chicago’s Daley Plaza (on Dearborn and Washington), don’t forget to also stop by the local chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s new 8.5-foot-tall Scarlet A which stands alongside a new banner. Both were unveiled this morning:

“At this season of the Winter Solstice, we celebrate the birth of the Unconquered Sun — the TRUE reason for the season. As Americans, let us also honor the birth of our Bill of Rights, which reminds us there can be no freedom OF religion, without having freedom FROM religion in government.”

Both displays will be up through the end of the month, as part of the city’s 18th annual Christkindlmarket.

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