Atheists Appears on Oklahoma Morning Talk Show to Promote Charity Drive

I mentioned earlier this month that FreeOK, an atheist group based in Oklahoma, was running a major charity drive to give presents to kids in foster care and families affected by natural disasters:

Locals can participate by “adopting a child” on their site, purchasing gifts for those children, and dropping them off at designated locations later. (Those living elsewhere could also help out by purchasing something from the group’s Amazon Wishlist so that they can give it away at a later time.)

Yesterday morning, FreeOK’s Aimee Breeze and Kai Tancredi appeared on KFOR-TV’s morning show to talk about the charity drive and did an excellent job of promoting the project without getting bogged down in any sort of religious debate (quite a feat for a talk show in Oklahoma!):

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  • lovesalot

    Beautifully done! They hit just the right notes.

  • Jason Hinchliffe

    Well done. All positivity. That’s how you do it.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Fantastic idea. I think I’ll look at their Amazon list.

    (EDIT: Now if I can get Hemant to resist these childish digs he feels the need to work into every otherwise positive story….)

  • Todd Heath

    Thanks for posting this Hemant. After the post on Hobby Lobby, it is great for folks to see the other side of our state. Secular Humanist in Oklahoma are making a huge impact on the Millennials here.

  • ShoeUnited

    Not that I’d imagine there aren’t a lot of Christians in Oklahoma, but I think the last line “(quite a feat for a talk show in Oklahoma!)” is underselling people at large based on where they are/from.

    Sure huge swaths of the Bible Belt, Buckle, Trouser Hemming what have you have some die hard Xisters, but let’s not forget that even a mother who lost a house getting interviewed on CNN can be an atheist. Don’t throw them all under a bus because there’s a few more bad apples. Even Xisters can be civil people.

  • $925105

    Maybe Joel Klein will get to see this.

  • Scott

    Got some good stuff on the way to ya, FreeOK!
    Also, a curiosity…

    I’m trying my best not to put any carts in front of horses, but after years of ordering (via Amazon) and tracking (via UPS), this is the first time I’ve seen the following: “Packaged Delayed: Your package is delayed due to carrier issues.”

    Is this something others have dealt with regarding Amazon purchases? Again, I’m not conclusion-jumping or claiming conspiracy. I’m just curious if anyone else has had such issues. As an avid Amazon user for both work and play, I previously have not.