If You Work for a Christian-Owned Company and Worry About Your Ability to Obtain Contraception…

… then Americans United for Separation of Church and State would love to hear from you:

If you work for Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Woods, Eden Foods or any other company that is challenging the contraceptive mandate and you’re worried about your ability to obtain contraception coverage, we want to hear from you. Your information will be kept strictly confidential: it won’t go to your employer or to the media. Your story stays with us.

You can get in touch with them here.

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  • Dimrost

    Okay, I just fell off my chair! I am Dutch and not fully aware how things are in the US.
    But are you really serious that your employer can have any influence on obtaining contraception coverage? Wow… just wow. That something private that should be way out of reach of an employer.

    • Tim

      This Brit agrees with you. Contraception has been free on our National Health Service since 1967.
      An regardless of the religion and politics here, isn’t it dumb to have something like contraception provided as part of an insurance scheme. Isn’t insurance about sharing the risk of large but irregular and unpredictable expenses. Contraception is a relatively cheap and regular expense and one which almost everyone will incur. It makes sense to insure your car against loss or accident, but no one in their right mind would insure their car against it running out of fuel.

      • MineApostasy

        The NHS never ceases to amaze me (may the Tories and “Labour” — ever since removing Clause IV they don’t actually speak for labour — fail to privatise it further), I just hope someday we can move forward to an entirely nationalised health service in the US, too.

      • allein

        The way I look at it is as a question of prescription coverage. By that logic, no long-term maintenance medications should be covered. My anti-depressants were a relatively cheap (as prescription drugs go) and regular expense but my insurance still covered it. We’re not calling for over-the-counter things like condoms to be covered (though I think they fall under eligibility for a pre-tax health savings account); it’s things like the pill and other hormonal methods and IUDs which require a prescription, and in some cases, a doctor to insert them.

        • MineApostasy

          It’s also a way of using collective buying to drive down real costs as well.

        • tim

          Condoms are free on the NHS too. You sign up for a C card and can pick up what you need from a pharmacist, health centre or school nurse

      • http://parkandbark.wordpress.com/ Houndentenor

        The problem is that the Hobby Lobby owners wrongly believe that the “morning after pill” causes abortions. it doesn’t. It only prevents ovulation. There’s no reasoning with this crowd though. “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” is a bumper sticker you find often in many parts of the US.

      • http://roguemedic.com/ Rogue Medic

        Contraception coverage is like maintenance to prevent against pregnancy – or to prevent abortion.

        While there is not much research on the topic, it appears that opposition to contraception results in more abortions.

        They appear to want to score contraceptive karma points while their actions result in more abortions.


    • Alierias

      Yes, and it’s just shocking. If those workers stood up to their employer and declared that they wanted contraception, they would be labeled a “slut” and most likely be fired. Certainly never promoted again. Because, the bible says ” be fruitful and multiply”, never mind that there’s already about 3 billion too many of us now…

    • MineApostasy

      The really shocking this is that it differs from state to state, too — or might. Imagine those in Zeeland deciding that contraception didn’t really sit well with them and that not only would they not allow it to be sold in their province, but their tax monies wouldn’t go towards the procurement of it, either.

      Yeah, and that’s after some significant improvements.

    • http://abb3w.livejournal.com/ abb3w

      There was a reason the Puritans fled Holland.

      • MrPeach

        Because they couldn’t institute their Taliban-like prudishness on others?

        • meekinheritance

          Yes. They moved to America, and are trying to do it now.

        • http://abb3w.livejournal.com/ abb3w

          About right, yes.

          Particularly, the Dutch were religiously tolerant of the Pilgrims, but the Pilgrims felt the Dutch were too tolerant of everyone else as well.

    • http://parkandbark.wordpress.com/ Houndentenor

      Well, you could still get it, but you’d have to pay for it yourself.

      I’m still trying to find out what percentage of employees’ insurance costs Hobby Lobby actually pays. I’ve never known a retailer to pay 100%. (I only ever had that working for a nonprofit. The pay was lousy but the insurance didn’t cost me anything.) Does anyone know?

      • Dimrost

        Then the system is really different over here in The Netherlands (or Holland, whatever you prefer).
        If my girlfriend would need a (new) prescription for what ever contraception coverage she would want she would discus it with her general practitioner about certain health issues that could occur. If they agree on whatever method, she will go a drug store and handover the prescription. The drug store contact directly my health insurance for the payment. That is roughly how it goes.

        But no where an employer will be involved and that is good things. An employer has nothing to do with someone health, not even to mean their sex life.

        • allein

          That’s generally how it works here, too. The problem is that most people get their insurance through their jobs, wherein the company pays a good part of the premium (usually the employee pays part as well through pre-tax payroll deductions). It makes it cheaper because the company can get you access to a large group plan that you wouldn’t be able to buy into as an individual (individual plans are generally a lot more expensive). Beyond that, what the plan covers is really up to the insurance company, but people like the owners of Hobby Lobby think they should be able to decide what coverage the insurance company offers their employees, which is complete BS. The problem with having your insurance tied to your job, of course, is that losing your job means losing your insurance, which makes the financial hit of a layoff that much worse, and people often stay in jobs they hate because they need the benefits.
          The thing HL and their ilk don’t recognize is that those benefits are part of the employee’s compensation, just like their paycheck. They have no more right to tell them what healthcare they can buy with their insurance benefits than they do telling them what they can buy with the cash they take home.

        • http://parkandbark.wordpress.com/ Houndentenor

          most Americans get their health insurance through their jobs. People over 65 are in a single payer plan called medicare (although a supplemental plan that they have to pay for is advisable). If you change jobs you may have to change insurance providers. Or you may lose coverage if you are laid off. In Texas 1 in 4 people has no health insurance of any kind. Since seniors are all automatically covered that means that percentage is much higher for working age people. it’s a mess of a system that came about through unions negotiating the benefit and employers using insurance as an incentive, especially in the 70s when there were wage and price freezes (that never worked but were supposed to reduce inflation).

          It’s a mess and not going to be fixed any time soon. Obviously you can go to a doctor and get a prescription and just pay for it yourself. Hopefully the meds you are prescribed will be in a generic form because otherwise they can be very expensive.

    • Artor

      Yeah, well, you live in a civilized country. This is America we’re talking about. Of course it’s regressive and bass-ackwards.

    • Stev84

      This insanity is in place largely for historical reasons. During WWII wages were capped by the government, but not fringe benefits. So companies competed for scarce workers with things like health insurance. That proved to be popular and was kept after the war. At the time, this made sense, but it should have been replaced by a proper health care system long ago. One’s health insurance simply shouldn’t depend on one’s employers.

      And it’s also possible to involve employers in the financing of the health care system without actually giving them a say in how the plans are run or what they cover.

    • randall r

      Maybe losers who can’t afford birth control should not fuck so much.

      Why do I have to pay for their pussy?

      • http://roguemedic.com/ Rogue Medic

        randall r,

        That’s OK.

        You can take pleasure in saving money on birth control while you are paying for the children.

        If you do not understand that intercourse often leads to children, you should not be giving advice to anyone on contraception.

        Please stop encouraging the expansion of welfare with your ignorance.


  • GubbaBumpkin

    Do you remember how Hobby Lobby was so insistent that they don’t oppose all contraception, just those forms they (incorrectly) equate with abortion? Well, now you can add The University of Notre Dame to the list of objecting companies, and the owner of Notre Dame, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, opposing all “unnatural” forms of birth control, including the pill and condoms.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=141304249 Sarah Jones

    Thanks for posting. We’re trying to get this shared around as much as possible in order to encourage employees to contact AU, so if people feel like passing this along, that would be great.

  • Ella Warnock

    When I was a military dependent on Tricare, the taxpayer (including pro-lifers and HL’s owners) picked up the tab for nine years of birth control pills, my tubal ligation, and my husband’s vasectomy. Didn’t even have co-pays.

  • thushjz

    The Sandra Flukes of the world need all us taxpayers to pay for their sex (birth control), and then pay for their abortions..nothing self centered about that is there?

    • http://roguemedic.com/ Rogue Medic


      We end up paying for the birth control, the abortion, or the child.

      We should be smart about it and pay for birth control.

      Too bad we have a lot of people who do not have the ability to understand this.

      When it comes to the poor, it is our choice –

      Birth control





      Jesus chooses welfare, if you believe the Bible.

      It makes more sense to choose birth control.