Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News’ Coverage of the ‘War on Christmas’

Last night, Stephen Colbert mocked Fox News’ coverage of the “War on Christmas” (apparently, a Festivus pole is ruining it) and even threw in a little support for a claim made by Dave Silverman that “Christianity stole the season from the solstice”:

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  • Timothy McLean

    Especially since the aluminum they use to make it is the same as any other aluminum, once you clean the beer smell out…

  • Timothy McLean

    This guy’s pretty funny. I should start listening to him.

  • Timothy McLean

    There’s one like that near my hometown, in the lonely Midwest.

  • Timothy McLean

    I really hope that there’s some technical/legal issue and CC isn’t just being a jerk.

  • Timothy McLean

    Everyone gets pasty without enough sun.