The Most Blasphemous Cards Against Humanity Cards Yet

The epic game Cards Against Humanity is currently in the middle of a holiday promotion in which they asked customers to send them $12… in return for 12 items over the course of 12 days. What items? Who knows. You were just supposed to trust them.

Trust random people online asking for my credit card information in exchange for untold rewards?

Hell yeah! I was in.

Yesterday, a small stack of CAH cards arrived in the mail inside a red package reading “Interfaith circle jerk”… I think they may be the most awesomely offensive booster cards yet:

I don’t think anyone will notice if I play these cards in our next game…

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  • Feral Dog

    Hey now. If I was forced to pick a deity to worship, I’d totally pick Ganesh (loves knowledge, promotes hard work and generosity, and has infinite compassion? Pretty nice so far as gods are concerned).

  • midnight rambler

    Oh yes. You see, Pele (the volcano goddess) and Kamapua‘a (the pig god, who variously appears as a giant pig, a man, or a man with a pig’s head) had sort of a love/hate, on-again/off-again relationship. During one of the “off” periods, Kamapua‘a tried to rape Pele, so Kapo sent her flying vagina to distract him. He followed it (because, I mean, what guy wouldn’t?) all the way from the island of Hawaii to Oahu, where it left an imprint on Koko Head crater, then it gave him the slip.

  • Rayne Williams

    So that’s where the flying monkeys went after Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch…

  • Madison Blane

    Some people just have a dark, sarcastic, warped sense of humor – these are the people I love the most!