Russian Actor and Ex-Orthodox Priest: ‘I Would Put All the Gays Alive Into an Oven’

Ivan Okhlobystin, a Russian actor who took time off from the big screen to become a priest, has said publicly that gay people belong in an oven:

A popular star with fiercely conservative views, [he] told an audience in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk that all homosexuals should be burned alive. … “I would put all the gays alive into an oven,” the one-time Orthodox priest has been quoted as saying. “This is Sodom and Gomorrah! As a religious person, I cannot be indifferent about it because it is a real threat to my children!”

Okhlobystin later tweeted to confirm his comments. “The meaning was rendered correctly,” he said. “Everyone has the right to express their opinions.”

A religious conversion in the late 1990s caused Okhlobystin to turn his back on acting for a while, successfully pursuing the priesthood instead. But in 2010 he asked to be defrocked, announcing he would run for president and get back into the movie business. He has since lent his voice to the Russian soundtrack of Rango.


The actor’s latest voice turn is as a mean troll named Orm in the Russian animation The Snow Queen.

That must have been a stretch.

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  • # zbowman

    So this guy’s quoted as equating gays with fascists. And then wanting to put an entire segment of society into ovens ’cause he doesn’t like the way they fall in love.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Did anybody else catch the irony of a Russian advocating a Nazi method for dealing with “undesirables”?

  • kielc

    The Soviets were perfectly OK with the Nazis’ “Final Solution,” and aided in rounding up undesirables. Then Hitler double-crossed Stalin and invaded countries that Stalin had his own designs on. Theirs was a dispute over territory, not the treatment of people who were slaughtered in both countries.

  • The Starship Maxima

    I…got nothing. Damn.

  • SeekerLancer

    It’s amazing how often people will consider something they hate “fascist” in the same breath as presenting a totally fascist solution to the “problem.” It’s projection in its purist sense. It’s amazing and terrifying how blind people can be to what they say.

  • Wildcard

    Fuck you Ivan. Everyone has a right to their opinion is true. So here is mine. Your message and politics are so toxic that you deserve to fail and have all the fruits of your labor taken away. Then you go into the position of being an “undesirable”, and then have everyone around you say you deserve to be starved to death outside in the Russian winter. Then maybe you’ll grow some goddamn empathy.

    P.S: Are you really saying gay people are a threat to your kids because they exist? So you admit your a terrible parent with no ability to talk to your kids about tough issues?

  • The Starship Maxima

    Wildcard, you win the internet and a six-pack of Coronas.

  • Wildcard

    I’m not worthy of that award. I didn’t say “Your message and politics are so toxic they make Chernobyl look like somebody dropped a napkin on the ground.” Didn’t even think of it until after I posted.

  • LesterBallard

    There are a lot of Christian heads in the US nodding vigorously.

  • The Starship Maxima

    And there are a lot of Christian heads in the US, like mine, gagging in utter shame that this twat waited till he became a priest to spew such abhorrent bullshit.

  • Baron Bytes

    I hate that nazism and facism have become synonymous with evil. It allows people to embrace their ideas without having to justifying using the same arguments.

  • WallofSleep

    “I hate that nazism and facism have become synonymous with evil.”

    Well, after the Third Reich fell, and the world got to truly see what they were on about, nobody, and I mean nobody, wanted that PR job. Can you blame them?

  • The Starship Maxima

    As a religious person, I cannot be indifferent about it because it is a real threat to my children!”

    You disingenuous asshole. Your forefathers fought and died to stop real bad guys from creating a world in which the State would do as you suggest and gas and burn all those who did not conform to the party line.

    And here you are supporting such bullshit. Your forefathers would be ASHAMED if they realized this is what they fought and died for. May God have mercy on your soul.

  • Darren

    He’s actually just advocating putting their _sins_ into the oven he still loves the sinner.

  • Moralltach

    To be honest, I like his consistency. Yes, he’s a terrible person. But he knows what he thinks and stands by it. So much better than this waffling, “Jesus loves everyone, even gays” bullshit that a lot of mainstream Christians espouse.

    I have an acquaintance (not quite friend) who’s a biblical literalist and young-earth creationist. We were at a panel debate recently whereupon we were forced to sit through two hours of “science and religion CAN get along,” “different ways of knowing,” “how vs. why,” and so on. We were both deeply disappointed that no one took a stand on either side, as we both agree that religion and science are incompatible ways of thinking.

    This guy Ivan? He’s good for us, not bad. He effectively illustrates that there is no option for compatibility, just as there is no compatibility with women’s equality and Catholicism. There simply is no major doctrinal religion that officially tolerates homosexuality. The clearer that’s made, the more marginalized religion will become.

  • The Starship Maxima

    Not one thing you said you made any sense whatsoever.