Australian Mayor Denounces His Own Town’s Christmas Tree as ‘the Worst in the World’

“An absolute disgrace,” thundered new Geelong (Australia) mayor Darryn Lyons about the Christmas tree that had been purchased by his very own town. Proclaiming it “the worst Christmas tree in the world,” it didn’t help Lyons’ mood that the purchase price reportedly was $27,000 U.S. dollars.

“I think I’d rather donate it to the English cricket team,” he said. “They can cut a few bats out of it and see how they go in the Melbourne test match.”

I imagine that Fox News’ Todd Starnes is already on his way to Australia to ask Mr. Lyons why he hates Christmas.

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  • Jeff Chang

    Based on his dress, kettle calling the pot black.

  • onamission5

    Aw, come on, what’s not to love about mirrored gold sunglasses?

  • Steven Pam

    The guy is a paparazzo, for crying out loud. Any pronouncements he makes about taste are automatically null and void. Lol.

  • Rogue Medic

    He may not be able to spend 30K on his clothes.


  • peter taylor

    He’s a multi-millionaire but you should check out some of the shit he does by.

  • mandas

    I wouldn’t say worst in the world – but it’s in the top 10

  • Lando

    Just don’t you DARE call that monstrosity a ‘holiday tree’…

  • Neko

    This made me laugh and laugh.

  • A3Kr0n
  • John Perkins

    that is pretty bad

  • allein

    I dunno, I think that wire mesh…thing…(was that supposed to be a tree?) at about :48 is worse…

  • Spuddie

    Rabid koalas kept the town from cutting down a local tree.

  • Robster

    Must have been a very quiet news day down Geelong way. The Mayor is right though, it’s a pretty ugly xmas offering. What they need to do is call it a Holiday Tree.

  • Pseudonym

    I’ve been to Geelong many times. It’s always a quiet news day.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Ugly and well over priced.

  • tsig

    Looked like $500 worth of plywood and paint, somebody got took.

  • Abbé Faria

    In his defense, the thing is hideous and overpriced.