If Believers’ Protest Signs Told the Truth


(Via Evidence of Harm By Religion)

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  • Greg G.

    I said it.
    God believes it.
    That settles it.

  • baal

    Heh, I chuckled.

  • ROFL

  • We totally have to join these Muslims at the next protest with signs just like these! And by “we” I mean not me.

  • Bob Jase

    READ YOUR BIBLE (even though I never have)!

  • I want you to suffer for my beliefs.

  • And by “join” he means “stay at home and watch on TV”. 🙂

  • mikespeir

    Well, women can be pretty terrifying sometimes. Just sayin’….


  • CSFiles

    It’s still an important dialogue.

  • L.Long

    It these Aholes had the intelligence and courage to realize the truth so they could put it onto signs they would not be there.