Why Would Anyone Reject Atheist Generosity?

Kimberly Winston highlights a disturbing trend of atheists trying to be generous only to have various groups reject the efforts:

Dale McGowan, executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist nonprofit, said his group’s grants have been rejected at least eight times. The foundation, which has given away $1.4 million, does not proselytize for nonbelief and requires that its beneficiaries — some with religious roots — do the same.

It starts with a “Gosh, thanks,” he said, and ends a few days later with “Thanks, but we can’t accept that.” McGowan thinks those who reject FBB’s grants — usually $10,000 each — worry about the perception of being associated with atheists.

And that, he said, is a mistake. “I don’t think most religious people give for the glory of God or because scripture tells them to. I think they give because they are good-hearted people and they feel empathy for others, and that is really no different for those with a nonreligious world view.”

I’m mentioned in the piece regarding the $3,000 we raised for the Morton Grove Park District and that they rejected. That money was donated instead to the local library, but I just found out last night the money was rejected there, too. (More on that later today.)

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