Check Out This Rapper With Atheist-Themed Lyrics

Gary Gibson, Jr., who previously released a hip-hop song about God, has a new song out called “Blackout” and it’s awesome. I don’t know how he packed so many rhymes in it, but he did:

Check out some of the lyrics:

… pray wrong or to the wrong god/ and yahweh steppin’ in/ but didn’t have one issue when lot’s daughters slept with him/ for you to listen/ they’re insistent/ then get super pissed when you point out that their god is inconsistent/ spit logical meth/ outta my breath/ until my death/ I promise/ I’m here to astonish/ ya mind wit reason thats freeing to me/ I’m also here to silence a deity

Love it! You can check out the entire live album here. Pitch in a few bucks while you’re at it so he can keep this going!

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