Ken Ham States the Obvious: Atheists Put Their Faith in Themselves, Not God

Creationist Ken Ham is not at all happy with the atheist billboards the Centre for Inquiry put up in Vancouver:

Ham takes issue with one of the signs suggesting that we trust ourselves instead of the Bible, but he *really* has a problem with the grammar:

One of the billboards directly attacks the Bible, telling people to “lead with your heart. Not with your bible” — intentionally not capitalizing Bible! These billboards are a direct attack on the authority of Scripture.

Well… yeah. That’s kind of the point.

… these billboards… demonstrate a fundamental problem: they’re focused on making man the authority, not God. And really, that’s the basic message of atheism. Atheists believe there is no purpose in life, no meaning or reason for existence — so why not just “believe in yourself” and lift up your own ideas in authority over the Word of God?

He’s half right. We are our own authorities. Our destiny is in our own hands. So live a life that makes you happy (and don’t stop anyone else from doing the same). As for atheists have no purpose in life, that’s just evidence of Ham choosing not to understand how atheists think. We give ourselves purpose and meaning. But it sure as hell doesn’t come from “above.”

And since he already played his ignorance hand, might as well double-down on it, right?

The message of atheism absolutely is an attack on the truth of God’s Word. Atheists want to convert everyone to their religion, and they want to make their own rules. And this is why they are so intolerant of Christianity. Their worldview of moral relativism is in conflict with a worldview of absolutes based on the absolute authority of God’s Word. I find that these people become very intolerant — they only tolerate beliefs they have decided to have.

Ham thinks that criticism of Creationism, an unscientific idea based on a fictional story, amounts to an attack on his faith. But that’s not the important part there. Did a Christian really just complain that atheists are trying to convert everyone to their way of thinking…? (Which, by the way, we are. It’s called “persuasion” through “common sense” and “evidence.”) Isn’t indoctrination the name of his game?

I guess he knew we’d say that, so he explains his hypocrisy:

Now, Christians certainly want to see people converted to Christianity, but Christians allow freedom of religion, not like the intolerant atheists who increasingly want freedom for their religion only.

Yeah… damn atheists and their constant fighting for church/state separation and defending the First Amendment! Why are you all so intolerant?!

He’s referring, of course, to atheists wanting evolution taught in science class. Ham thinks that amounts to promotion of atheism on the classroom, even though no public school curriculum rules out the possibility of God-guided evolution. Science classes ought to stick to demonstrable evidence, and one could make a case that God’s hand isn’t testable, so it’s a non-issue. But if it’s not directly promoting his God, Ham’s offended.

Ham’s skin has to be pretty thin if he’s getting all huffy about the Canadian billboards. Those are about as light-hearted as they get. Hell, he should be thrilled they’re modeled after Bible verses. I’m surprised he didn’t make the case that the Bible is the best book ever and that’s why even atheists’ billboards try to imitate it.

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