Google Blocks the E-Mail Address of a European Politician Who Offers Anti-Religion Stickers

Let’s say that there’s this European politician who is openly agnostic, and who one day decides to distribute free stickers criticizing Christianity. The stickers contain a statement of opinion that is harsh, but a far cry from incitement.

Christianity is a lie. Jesus is a crook. The Bible is poison.

Anybody who wants one can send a message to a dedicated gmail account,

However, offended Christians petition Google to shut down the account — and Google does just that, ostensibly because it doesn’t want to help spreading “hate.”

What are your thoughts? Go ahead, let it all out. I’ll wait.

Now, surely you wouldn’t change your mind about how ridiculous Google’s decision if the e-mail address were, and the religion in question were Islam, right?

The free stickers are real, and they are indeed offered by an agnostic politician (link in Dutch). But these are the words printed on them:

Islam is a lie. Mohammad is a crook. The Qur’an is poison.

Is there really a problem with that?

(image: Magnus Gjoen)

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