Kobus van Rensburg, Christian ‘Prophet’ Who Preached Immortality, Is Dead (and Not Coming Back)

I just learned that the self-described prophet, faith healer, and televangelist Kobus van Rensburg, a fixture on South Africa’s evangelical scene, has joined the choir invisible. His earthly departure is a bit odd for a man who spent his whole adult life preaching that with Jesus on your side, and with enough faith, you’re literally immortal.

According to his ministry life and death is a choice, and people can choose to live forever without dying at all.

Alhough van Rensburg had been battling cancer for a long time, and his doctors had given up hope, his true-blue followers were convinced that their prophet would never kick the bucket — and that if he did, his faith and their prayers would swiftly resurrect him.

Their optimism was palpable, and remained so. When news of his death filtered out, van Rensburg fan Jacqueline Christ Mbayiwa Makuvatsine opined on his Facebook page:

The greatest miracle of our time is about to happen, the Prophet is gonna live aaaaw I cant wait for that moment man, what a Mighty God we serve!

Qamar Fakhoury agreed:

Thank you Jesus for this great miracle we are waiting for, it’s happening now in Jesus name, amen.

The spirit was also strong in Grandson Nyirenda:

The greatest shocking testimony is about to take place, the true life of Jesus is about to be revealed to them that dont believe in immortality, The Prophet is gonna stand up and all the devils and demons will burn with shock.

Somehow, though, all that fervent belief didn’t matter, and van Rensburg succumbed to cancer at 61.

I believed he could rise up until his coffin was lowered,”

… his son Kobus Jr. commented after the funeral.

He said that his father awakened six times after he was declared clinically dead.

So there’s that.

Already, many among van Rensburg’s flock have decided that in fact, their prophet does live — his body may be worm food, but his spirit is totally immortal, so there.

While they and the family work through their grief, Kobus Junior has bravely taken over the family business. This is what he posted on his father’s Facebook page three days before the prophet’s death:

Just like his immortal dad, Junior will go far.

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