Bill de Blasio May Be One of the Highest-Ranking ‘Nones’ in America

We already know that Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) refuses to talk about her religious faith publicly, making her the only member of Congress currently labeled as a “None.” She’s not openly atheist — but she’s not openly theistic, either.

Now, it appears that newly-elected New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is following in her footsteps, as Sarah Pulliam Bailey reports:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is now perhaps the nation’s most visible “none,” an icon of one of the nation’s fastest-growing religious groups — those without any formal religious identification.

His election could reflect a new kind of American politician — one who is shaped by religion and religious values but is not expected to talk about or bow to religion as in years past, said Jennifer Jones Austin, co-chairwoman of de Blasio’s transition team and the daughter of a pastor.

Considering that we’re still living in a time when being openly atheist is one of the biggest political liabilities out there, I don’t blame them for keeping their beliefs to themselves. Ultimately, it may not even matter if their ideas are in tune with the typically progressive outlook of most non-theists. (I’m more than happy to vote for a religious person whose political views match my own.)

Still, part of me wishes one of them, if indeed they were non-theistic, would have the guts to admit it. If not now, then at some point before they leave office. It would make it that much easier for the next non-theistic politician.

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