This is My New Favorite David Barton Lie

This may be my favorite “David Barton is lying” clip ever. And it doesn’t even involve made up historical facts.

It just involves math:

A picture of David Barton lying. Guess how I know?

Right Wing Watch’s Kyle Mantyla explains:

Barton said that he personally “spoke to over 600 different groups” in the last year, which averages out to speaking to a group and a half every single day for an entire year.

That seemed a little hard to believe simply on its face. But it becomes even harder to believe in light of his later assertion that he owns a ranch that requires him to work “from sun up to sun down” fourteen hours a day during the summer.

“We wish we had eight hour days like people in the city have,” Barton said. “We never get eight hour days; that would be a vacation. We work all the time”

How on earth does Barton manage to speak to more than 600 groups every year while also working all day long on his ranch during the summer?

There’s a perfectly simple answer to this:

David Barton lives in a parallel universe where there are 96 hours in a day, all the Founding Fathers happen to be evangelical Christians, his books are never withdrawn from publication, and that vest looks awesome.

There’s just no other explanation.

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