The Awful Lessons Learned Through Cartoons in the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum

Jonny Scaramanga has done a wonderful job exposing the fundamentalist-homeschooler-approved “Accelerated Christian Education” curriculum, usually by quoting from it verbatim).

Now, he shows us the lessons learned from ACE by way of the cartoons in the textbooks. Like the fact that the schools depicted in them always seem to be segregated…

In the fictional world of the [ACE] cartoons, there are three schools: Highland, Harmony and Heartsville. Here’s a lesson taking place at Highland:

And here’s a similar event at Harmony:

That’s right, it just happens that in ACE’s universe, kids attend separate schools based on their skin color.

And just wait till you find out what ACE used to say about Apartheid in South Africa…

Check out the full article (and the cartoon excerpts) right here.

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