Atheist Student Group at Law School Prepares to Help Financially Strapped Locals with Their Income Taxes

We’ve heard of atheist student groups that volunteer or donate to charity by hosting events like blood drives, bake sales, and walkathons. All are fantastic, but what the Secular Legal Society at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Boyd School of Law is doing to help others took me by surprise because of how novel and welcome it is:

At UNLV’s Boyd School of Law, students have the opportunity to participate in a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. This program allows them to volunteer hundreds of hours in order to help prepare taxes for local people who might not otherwise be able to afford any assistance in preparing their taxes. The VITA program trains and IRS certifies Boyd Law School students in income tax assistance.

Several Secular Legal Society members have completed their training, and will be helping out with the program! Like many of our affiliate groups, part of what the Secular Legal Society at UNLV Boyd Law strives to accomplish is to support the local community whenever possible through programs like these.

How incredible is that?!

You can read more about the program here.

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