Texas Attorney General Candidate Thinks His Moment of Silence Bill Made it Possible for Kids to Pray in School

Here’s how good it is to be Dan Branch: You can run for Attorney General of Texas while running a campaign ad in which you tout your role in passing a mandatory moment of silence bill which you even admit is all about “… our faith and our relationship with The Almighty.” In other words, the potential legal advisor to the state passed a law that, one could argue, is unconstitutional.

Today, in classrooms across Texas, 5 million students will pause for a moment of silence. I’m Dan Branch, and I passed this law. And when the left tried to stop it, we fought back and won. Reducing government and cutting taxes are essential, but this is something different. It’s about our liberty, our faith and our relationship with The Almighty. Texas is an exceptional place. As Attorney General, I’ll fight to keep it that way.

An earlier ad gives a little more background into why he wanted to pass that law:

The whole thing reeks of the Christian Persecution Complex. As if children couldn’t pray on their own before his bill was passed. They could pray then, they can pray now, and a moment of silence is still completely unnecessary. Any lawyer, even a bad one, ought to know that.

Good luck, Texas. You’re going to need it.

(Thanks to James for the link)

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