If Dr. Seuss and Charles Darwin Wrote a Book Together…

I don’t care that I don’t have kids. I still want this:

I’m Tiffany Taylor (hi!), and I’m the author. I have a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and work as a postdoctorate fellow at the University of Reading by day, but I also love writing children’s books (see my last project, Little Changes). For Great Adaptations, I’m creating ten illustrated short stories in rhyme that explain the evolutionary advantages of some of the natural world’s unusual traits in child-friendly terms. Each story is written in close collaboration with esteemed and up-and-coming scientists who have conducted extensive research on the topic at hand, and illustrated by an artist who shares an interest in the topic.

The project has already reached its Kickstarter goal, but a $5 donation will get you a digital copy of the book when it’s finally released!

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