An Invitation to Women in Secularism 3

For a couple of years now, the Center For Inquiry has been putting together a conference to discuss issues of importance to non-religious women. It’s the only secular conference you’ll find where all of the speakers are women — and they have some incredible ones this time around, too, including Katha Pollitt, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rebecca Goldstein, and Susan Jacoby.

As with any conference, the costs can add up, but if you’re able to afford these types of things, this is a gathering worth supporting. Students can get a *huge* discount if they register by Pi Day (March 14).

I asked conference founder Melody Hensley why this conference was so important and she told me this:

It’s crucial that we have events like this where we as a movement seriously grapple with the issues and challenges that women face. So what we want to focus on is how we come out of this third conference stronger than when we went in, more unified, and more inspired.

Definitely a worthy cause. Women in Secularism 3 takes place May 16-18 in Alexandria, Virginia

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