At Baptist Fundamentalist Conference in Kentucky, a White Pastor Just Performed in Blackface

This display of “comedy” at the National Young Fundamentalist Conference in Kentucky is cringe-inducing for two reasons.

One is that none of it is funny.

The other one is that — well, see for yourself.

The “black guy” in the ring? That’s Pastor Joseph G. Pickens of the Clay Mills Road Baptist Church in Lexington. A white minister. Performing in blackface. Because black people are hilarious.

Over at the Progressive Secular Humanist blog, Michael Stone has Pickens’ number, calling the sketch “a horrifically racist pantomime,” and observing that

Apparently everyone present at the Christian event was oblivious to the offensive and derogatory nature of the pathetic display.

I can’t wait to see what’s on the program next year. It will probably look a lot like this.

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