Best Headline on the Web Today

Mirth via the Irish Times:

With gross profits of over €4,000.000 ($5,540,000) a year in its heyday, the soothsaying emporium used to be Ireland’s most high-profile premium phone line service. Callers to the psychic hotline were charged €2.40 ($3.33) per minute, only to be subjected to standard time-sucking inanity like this. (The company, Realm Communications, says that it was on the up-and-up and that its telephones were “operated by genuine Celtic psychics, the most psychic race in the world”).

The Irish Times article doesn’t say what led to the company’s demise and pending liquidation, but I imagine it could have something to do with the “genuine Celtic psychics” not being able to meaningfully predict jack shit, including the fate of their own brand of snake-oil-peddling crapola.

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