Georgia Is One Signature Away from a Ten Commandments Monument in the State Capitol Building

Earlier this week, the Georgia state House passed a bill on a 138-37 vote that would install a Ten Commandments monument on or around the state Capitol grounds… much like they did in Oklahoma:

The Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building (AP)

Now, the Senate has followed suit with a 40-10 vote, leaving only Republican Governor Nathan Deal in the way of yet another Christian shrine on government property.

If he signs the law, you better believe the pushback will be fierce. Hindus and Satanists — as they did in Oklahoma — will surely demand their own memorial. American Atheists will likely join in the fun, too. Oklahoma eventually instituted a moratorium on future monuments so they could deal with the fallout from the ACLU’s lawsuit against their original monument — a lesson Georgia has paid zero attention to.

Gov. Deal is about to sign into law a punishment on the state’s taxpayers. It’s a foolish move and one that’ll come back to haunt him… hopefully.

(via Religion Clause)

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