Politico: A Major Push to Expand Voucher Programs Will Mean More Creationism in the Classroom

It’s not enough for private Christian schools to teach Creationism in the classroom; many states are now supporting voucher programs that use taxpayer funds to help students attend these schools. We’ve posted about the problem before, and now Politico has issued a “special report” on the issue:

Taxpayers in 14 states will bankroll nearly $1 billion this year in tuition for private schools, including hundreds of religious schools that teach Earth is less than 10,000 years old, Adam and Eve strolled the garden with dinosaurs, and much of modern biology, geology and cosmology is a web of lies.

It’s an excellent primer on the issue if you haven’t studied it before. It’s also a warning of the dangers of voucher programs that don’t exclude religious schools. More and more states are calling for these programs under the guise of “school choice” and it’s important that we oppose the calls at every opportunity. As we’ve seen, it’s just another way Creationists are working to push their views by way of federally-funded subsidies.

(Thanks to McSkeptic for the link)

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