In Response to Public Elementary Schools’ Bible Giveaway, Atheists Offer Their Own Books… and Parents Keep Kids Home

Remember how, earlier this year, Gideons International was allowed to leave Bibles at a Kentucky public elementary school for children to pick up? And remember how atheist groups wanted to take advantage of the same rules and leave books promoting Humanism at the school?

Well guess how that went?

Freedom of expression took a bitter turn Friday as some Casey County parents kept their children home to protest free books distributed in three elementary schools.

“Our attendance was probably not as good as it normally is,” Liberty Elementary Principal Boyd Harris said. “We feel like there may be some connection there.” Harris could not confirm just how many students missed school. Other school officials would not comment, citing restrictions from Sowders.

“We’re here to defend God and his glory,” said one woman, who declined to be named. A male companion muttered to himself as he scanned the parking lot for their car.

So, to recap: When Christians offer books to children, everything’s fine. When atheists offer books to children in the same way, parents are compelled to forbid their children from coming to school lest they learn something new! (Keep in mind that, like the Gideons, the books were simply placed on a table after school for students who wanted them. They weren’t handed out or forced upon anyone.)

There’s a simple solution to this. Just don’t allow the Gideons to come into the schools in the first place.

Problem solved.

You’re welcome.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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