Tennessee Senate Votes to Put ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in Capitol; House Likely to Follow Suit This Week

Yesterday, the Tennessee State Senate unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would add a sign to the state capitol building reading “In God We Trust.”

Both Senate Bill 2003 and House Bill 1776 (which will be voted on this Wednesday) were sponsored by — wait for it — Republicans: Senator Stacey Campfield and Rep. Mike Sparks:

Sen. Stacey Campfield (left) and Rep. Mike Sparks

The Senate bill also includes this amendment:

… authorization for the [state capitol] commission, using private funding, to erect the words “In God We Trust” behind the lecterns of the speakers of each chamber of the general assembly and above the primary entrance doors to each chamber.

Because it’s not enough just to adopt the motto. They have to make sure every damn person can see it. You know, why not just stick an “Atheists and Muslims and Hindus not welcome” sign next to it since that’s what these politicians really want?

(Thanks to Jeremy for the link)

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