The Last Supper: Nigerian Child Bride, Forced Into Marriage, Poisons Her Husband

Pesticide was on the menu when Wasila Umaru, a young teenager, cooked a meal for her new husband and his friends.

A 14-year-old girl forced to marry a 35-year-old man in Nigeria prepared a celebratory meal laced with rat poison for her new hubby — killing him and three of his pals.

Wasila Umaru said she concocted and served up the deadly recipe because she was forced to marry Umaru Sani, a man she did not love. The couple was married last week, and the groom had invited a dozen friends to celebrate at his village about 60 miles from the north Nigerian city of Kano over the weekend. … The unsuspecting husband and two of his male friends died on the spot shortly after the toxic chow down.

Wasila told police she used rat poison to murder her spouse because she hadn’t consented to the marriage and did not love him.

The New York Post notes that child marriage is a widespread in Nigeria, especially in the northern territory, which is predominantly Muslim.

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