In Case You Needed Another Reason to Dislike Hobby Lobby, Its President Is Launching a Public School Bible Course

On Monday, the Mustang Public Schools board (in Oklahoma) approved a new Bible course developed by Hobby Lobby President Steve Green. Mustang will be the first district to test the supposedly secular curriculum.

Because that’s what students in Oklahoma need: More Jesus.

The board, whose district is practically in Hobby Lobby’s Oklahoma City backyard, agreed to beta-test the first year of the Museum of the Bible Curriculum, an ambitious four-year public school elective on the narrative, history and impact of the Good Book.

This is the same Green who told a crowd last year that he thinks the course should be mandatory (5:47) because he knows the book is true (3:40):

One of the reasons you don’t see many Bible courses in public schools is precisely because it’s very hard to teach the class in a secular way. (It’s also hard, I presume, for non-Christian teachers to get through the Book of Genesis without laughing.)

There’s no word yet on whether the curriculum is indeed objective, but the ACLU of Oklahoma will be inspecting it as soon as it becomes available.

I don’t see any reason why Green should keep it limited to the school district, either. Go ahead and put the whole thing online. Let all of us take a look at it. If he cares about offering students an objective look at the Bible, there’s no reason all of us can’t help him judge whether his curriculum actually achieves that goal.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link.)

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