American Atheists Will Hold Regional Conference in Puerto Rico

We talk a lot about the need for more diversity in the movement and here’s a good way to make it happen: Go to the people you want to reach out to instead of waiting for them to come to you.

American Atheists just announced (via email) that they will hold a conference in Puerto Rico in August of 2015:

The regional convention, held in cooperation with the Humanistas Seculares of Puerto Rico (Secular Humanists of Puerto Rico), will be the both organizations’ first conference on the island.

“There are a lot of atheists in Puerto Rico,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Many more than most people seem to think. A vital part of the mission of American Atheists is reaching out to atheists who think they are alone, atheists who think that everyone around them believes and they are the only ones who don’t buy into the fairy tale, but that’s so far from true. Atheists are everywhere and we’re going to Puerto Rico to help the Humanistas Seculares of Puerto Rico group shine as much as possible.

More information to come at a later date, but I’d love to see more regional conferences like this, in places beyond the big, typical cities organizations tend to visit year after year.

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