This Clever Shirt Features an Acceptable Use of the Term “YOLO”

Here’s an opportunity to help a Secular Student Alliance affiliate raise some money while getting a reward of your own :)

The Secular Student Alliance at Old Dominion University (in Virginia) is fundraising by selling t-shirts online. The front of the shirt has a phrase that we all know and love…

… but I think that SSAODU gets a pass on using this decade’s most cringeworthy catchphrase because the back of the shirt is just so darn clever!

SSAODU has a goal of selling 30 shirts. If any fewer are sold, they won’t be made (but you also won’t be charged), so you’re not losing anything by promising to buy one. You can also buy a hoodie if you prefer that to a t-shirt. Best of all, you’re helping an awesome student group! Consider helping them out if you’ve got some spare money and a clever-shirt-shaped hole in your wardrobe.

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