Is This a Trend Now? Another Christian Movie Pits Christian Student Against Atheist Professor

Following on the heels of the unfortunately successful God Is Dead, there’s another movie coming out this fall pitting another godless professor up against a faithful Christian student and her father.

This one’s called A Matter of Faith and the trailer features the scare-line: “The guy’s an evolutionist!”

The professor explains evolution. I think.

Not only is the Biology professor a man of (*gasp*) science, Biblical Creationism isn’t even in his course description!

The climax of the movie appears to be the totally-plausible evolution/Creationism debate between the professor… and the main character’s dad. (Which, to be fair, is about as unequal a pairing as Bill Nye and Ken Ham.) I wonder who will come out on top in this fictional world…

To paraphrase a commenter at Pharyngula, they might as well just call this one Strawman 2 and capitalize on the success of sequels.

The movie comes out on September 26.

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