Bryan Fischer: “Evolution Cannot Possibly Be True” and the Bible Proves It!

It’s no surprise that a conservative Christian like Bryan Fischer doesn’t accept basic science, but his Bible-based explanation of why evolution is a hoax is downright hilarious because of how seriously he believes it.

It begins at the 5:04 mark below:

But Paul’s point is: Death did not enter into the world until sin came in, and sin came in through Adam. So before Adam, there was no death. Now, if evolution is right… you’d have to have literally millions of years where there was death. Death in the animal kingdom, and death in the human kingdom. You’d have to have millions of years of people being born and people dying.

And yet the scriptures are very clear: Death entered into the world through sin, and sin entered into the world through Adam. No sin, no death. Prior to Adam, there was no death. So evolution cannot possibly be true. It’s just a matter of theological fact.

“Theological fact.” That may be the greatest euphemism I’ve ever heard for “Lie.”

I know you know this, but yes, there is indeed constant birth and death. That’s how the world works. It happened long before the Bible claims Adam lived and it’ll happen long after we die ourselves.

If you think the Bible is literally true, then I agree with Fischer: You can’t accept evolution.

But if you understand evolution, you know that the Bible cannot be literally true. (#Logic)

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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