Petty Vandalism Against Atheist Adopt-a-Highway Sign in Nebraska

This is what the Omaha Atheists’ Adopt-a-Highway sign looks like right now:

Beverly Carlson, the group’s Director of Community Service, can’t understand why anyone would do this:

If I could speak face-to-face with the person who did this, I would ask that person to articulate how I am a threat simply because I am a non-theist. As another board member stated: “Is the existence of nonbelievers so threatening? Am I not fit to pick up trash on the roadside?” My purpose within our organization is to find projects to benefit the community. Not just the secular community. Everyone. We do these things and we do them well, so will someone, anyone, please, please explain to me — is humanitarianism only valid when done in the name of religion?

The sign will be replaced by the state at taxpayer expense. There’s probably no way to catch the person(s) who did this.

(via Ed Brayton)

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