What Are (Some) Christians Saying About Openly Gay NFL Player Michael Sam? Take a Look

Stephanie Drury, who runs the hilarious Stuff Christian Culture Likes website, began retweeting what some Christians were saying about newly-drafted openly gay NFL player Michael Sam (and the lovely kiss he had with his boyfriend after finding out the St. Louis Rams had selected him)… and my head damn near exploded.

So now you have to suffer, too:

But remember: They all love gay people. They just hate the sin. They sure have a weird idea of what love is…

You can read what leaders of right-wing Christian groups are saying here.

By the way, a lot of conservative Christians, as Drury noted, also felt the media’s positive reaction to Michael Sam was unfair given that everyone trashed Tim Tebow because he was a Christian! (Don’t even bother trying to point out that Tebow was pilloried for not being a very good player and that his religion had nothing to do with it.)

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