Atheists and Allies Raised More Than $900,000 for Cancer Research Through Light the Night Walks

Here’s some fantastic news from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: The atheists and allies who came together to support the Foundation Beyond Belief team during their Light the Night walk raised an astonishing amount of money:

As a Special Friend of Light The Night, FBB has raised $930,000 to date. In their first year, the team raised $430,000, breaking the LTN record for the most money raised by a first-year non-corporate team. With over 80 local teams in the U.S. and Canada, FBB hit their goal of $500,000 in their second year. FBB is returning as a national partner in 2014 to help LLS realize a world without blood cancers.

Take that, American Cancer Society. (I’m not bitter.)

It was an audacious goal, but I’m so proud to see how many people walked with their local teams across the nation. We showed that atheists are just as capable of volunteering and raising money for charity, if only we have the opportunity to do so.

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