People of Color Beyond Faith Announce Community Outreach Drive

A coalition of atheist groups called “People of Color Beyond Faith” is planning to host a conference this October in Los Angeles to discuss matters of importance to Godless minorities — and they’re hoping to do some charity work as well:

In addition to the conference we are also planning several national and local projects which focus on humanist issues that deeply impact communities of color. Some of these efforts will include outreach to homeless youth and veterans, domestic violence victim assistance, HIV/AIDS education and prevention and development of prisoner re-entry resources. Our members include the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles and Chicago, Houston Black Non-Believers, Chocolate City Skeptics of Baltimore and Black Skeptics Milwaukee.

Very cool projects and ones that deserve your attention, in part because they’re not often discussed in non-religion circles. If you’d like to help them out, you can pitch in right here.

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